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Almost no one could still be the same from their childhood to adulthood and there will always be some changes.

As for her second crossing, Shen Liuchen just felt that she was a bit like the ‘little girl’ in his memory, and did not force her to admit that she was the ‘little girl’.

If it hadn’t been because of the system making people all over the world forget about her and have to dispose her ‘corpse’, then every time when she died here in Shen Liuchen’s side, there should not be too much doubt.

The only doubt now is that every time she dies, her body will disappear into thin air and then everyone in the world will forget her.

This should be the strangest thing for Shen Liuchen.

There are obvious changes in her appearance now compared to  when she was eighteen years old.

In addition, the identity arranged for her by the system is also very appropriate now.

She is Su Xiuxiu now.

Shen Liuchen also believed her statement.

The first step of the stand-in plan has been achieved.

But another problem comes again.

Song Jinxi glanced at the man next to her, then hesitated and said: “That…are we really going to the Civil Affairs Bureau”

She didn’t quite understand the thinking of the male god.

After confirming that she was willing to be a stand-in, he actually just took her directly to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get married

She wanted to ask him so much if he would just casually take anyone who looked like her to be her stand-in, but she was afraid that if she asked this question, it would irritate him.

So after enduring it for a long time, she put this question back in the end.

So as not to cause extra trouble.

As for the strange feeling in her heart, she forced herself to hold back and not think about it.

In fact…She is really a little bit unhappy.

It turned out that he could casually take someone who looks like her to get married.

This male god is also a bit too unethical.

Fortunately, this person is herself.

Otherwise, if she really died and was watching this scene in heaven, maybe she would be angered into reviving from death.

Shen Liuchen glanced at her, “Do you regret it”

“No, that’s not it.” Song Jinxi repeatedly denied, “It’s just… a little too fast.”

Shen Liuchen did not speak.

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Song Jinxi sat on the side very restrainedly, thought for a while, and said: “But I didn’t bring my household registration, so we can’t get married even if we go to the Civil Affairs Bureau.”

Shen Liuchen sat up in silence.

As if to agree with her, he said: “Stop the car.” Then he looked at her.

Song Jinxi: “”

Shen Liuchen: “Your home address.”

Fifteen minutes later…

Mother Su pulled Song Jinxi and sat on the sofa while Shen Liuchen and Father Su were sitting on the other side of the sofa.

The atmosphere in the living room is a little awkward for a moment.

Looking at this young man who may soon become her son-in-law and then looking at Song Jinxi again, Mother Su’s complexion is complicated, and she asks again in a low voice: “Do you really want to get married You have never brought him back before.

Why do you want to get married all of a sudden”

“I have liked him for a long time, Mom.

But he is so excellent that I have never had the chance to contact him.

So I can only silently look at him from afar.”

“Who is he You are beautiful, smart and have a good job.

How can you even dare not think about him ” Mother Su frowned, “Daughter, you must not be fooled, thinking that the other person is particularly good and that you are very bad.

You shouldn’t have such an idea like worthy or not worthy of.

There are only people who are not worthy of you in the world, and there is no one you are not worthy of, do you understand “

Song Jinxi looked at Mother Su, and suddenly remembered the settings of her ‘Mom and Dad’ that the system had passed to her before she crossed in.

Father Su and Mother Su fall in love and marry because both sides are willing, but Mother Su’s womb is not fertile.

She has always been rejected by Grandmother Su who even tried to force Father Su and Mother Su to divorce several times.

In order not to let his wife suffer at home, Father Su, who loves his wife deeply, took her to leave home and came to City X to settle down.


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