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They had adopted a boy before, but the boy had a bad temper since before he was adopted.

Not long after he was adopted, because he thought that the Su family was too poor, he ran away with the problematic youth that had entered the society earlier and never came back again.

Mother Su poured too much love on that child, but she didn’t expect it to come to this end.

Father Su also hated that he had adopted a white-eyed wolf back, and has never mentioned adopting a child again ever since.

At that time, when she saw this setting, Song Jinxi’s first thought was ‘the God of Destiny really makes fools of the people’.

Why can’t Shen Liuchen, such an excellent person, meet such good parents like Father Su and Mother Su

Such good parents like Father Su and Mother Su were sadly heartbroken by a white-eyed wolf.

Life is like a play.

The system said that it tempered the memories of Father Su and Mother Su, making them think that they later adopted another child, Song Jinxi.

And their family of three have always lived together.

Song Jinxi originally thought that although she was the daughter of the Su family, she should not have any deep contact with the parents that she had obtained easily.

She has no desire for family affection anymore.

However, today, after Mother Su expressed her concern for her, her heart still felt sour and warm.

After all, it was the maternal love she had been looking forward to for a long time, and she couldn’t help but be moved.

She was so deeply fascinated by her own thoughts, and it wasn’t until Mother Su shook her arm that she suddenly returned to her senses.

“Baby, what are you in a daze for”

The two men on the sofa next to them also looked over at the same time.

Song Jinxi shook her head and said, “It’s nothing…Mom, did you just say something”

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Mother Su sighed and repeated what she said just now in a low voice again.

“What Mom wanted to say is that if you like each other, you should talk about love first and see if it works well between the two of you before considering whether you both want to get married or not.

Marriage is a lifetime matter.

Although it is easy to get a divorce now, if a woman wants to get a second marriage later, it will be more troublesome to find a partner… Listen to Mom, don’t do flash marriage, okay “

Song Jinxi’s ears were soft.

When she heard her ‘mother’ caring about her so painstakingly and was completely thinking about her, she was a little bit moved.

But it could only stay as an intention.

Her marriage is already a definite thing.

If she gets married later, she may not be able to find a chance to blow the ears of the male god again, to let him give up the development of biochemical drugs and then the world will become a zombie paradise.

She shook her head and said in a small voice too: “But after so much difficulty, I finally got his love…”

“Since you say you normally can’t get in touch with him, why did he suddenly have a relationship with you and want to marry you so suddenly too” Mother Su found the blind spot.

Song Jinxi froze and couldn’t find a reason for a while.

Originally, when Shen Liuchen said that he was going to marry her, she herself was caught off guard too.

At that time, one side of her head was filled with fireworks setting off, while the other side was filled with paste.

While feeling excited about this, she also felt puzzled at the same time.

There is no way for her to divide her mind to think about how to explain it to both of her parents.

Seeing her hesitating like this, Mother Su’s face suddenly changed, “You guys… shouldn’t have already…  ‘that’, right”

“What” Song Jinxi was confused.

Mother Su cast her eyes on her belly.

Although it was still flat, her expression became more and more serious: “I heard that young people now like to do shotgun marriages.


Song Jinxi glanced at her stomach in silence.

Then she looked up and found that the two men on the sofa next to her were also looking at her belly.

“No——” No, I didn’t.

Before she could say anything, she already heard Shen Liuchen who was next to her said: “Don’t worry, auntie.

I will be responsible for her and the child.


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