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“Auntie, feelings can be cultivated.” He said.

“How can it still be cultivated You have so much money, your consumption view is different from our Xiuxiu’s and you have to go out to socialize every day too.

Maybe you have to fly around and you won’t even see each other several times a year.

All the CEOs in the TV dramas are like this, and it’s also easy… “

Easy to mess around outside.

Young and promising, and so handsome too.

There must be many women who want to stick themselves to him.

Mother Su took this point in her heart and didn’t say it out loud.

Shen Liuchen looked at Song Jinxi, but Song Jinxi looked away.

She looks at the fortune tree next to the TV set and carefully counts the twigs and knots on it.

Her intention to let him face his mother-in-law by himself was so obvious.

Shen Liuchen retracted his gaze, thought for a while, and said: “To be honest, I am already 27 this year.

This is my first child.

I can’t let the blood of my Shen family flow away outside.”

“See, he’s really doing it just for the child.” Mother Su whispered in Song Jinxi’s ear immediately.

Shen Liuchen: “…” He heard it.

He then realized belatedly that what he had just said seemed a little bit wrong.

The mother-in-law seemed to have no objection to him at first.

After listening to his remarks, she now looked at him a little defensively.

Facing the dilemma with his mother-in-law for the first time, Shen Liuchen, who had no experience at all, suddenly felt that on his way here, perhaps he should not only focus on preparing a good gift for the two elderly people.

He also needs to check online about how to deal with the dilemma with parents-in-law.

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Now, it is only the mother-in-law who is fighting in the front line, and there is an old father-in-law sitting next to him without saying a word…

The mother-in-law is already so difficult to deal with.

If the father-in-law makes another move…

And Song Jinxi’s attitude of staying out of the matter is also so obvious…

Obviously, the idea of acting as a ‘stand-in’ was put forward by herself.

If she wants to play, he will accompany her to play, and then slowly find out her details, before he can feel at ease.

However, before discovering her origins, he must first confine her to his side, lest he let her run away again.

So, he thought about taking her to get married right away.

It’s just that he didn’t expect it to be so difficult to get the household registry.

It’s more brain-consuming than signing a multi-billion yuan deal.

He rubbed the faintly painful forehead, but heard Mother Su say again: “Otherwise, after the baby is born, we will give the baby to you, but you can’t tell others that the child’s mother is our Xiuxiu.

As for what kind of stepmother you want to find for your child, it’s up to you, as long as it doesn’t delay the marriage of our Xiuxiu.”

Song Jinxi: “……” Hey, this is her biological mother, right

Is there anyone who was like her, fighting so hard for the happiness of her daughter

“But Mom, I like him.” Song Jinxi hurriedly said in a low voice.

“When two people are together, the one whose heart is moved first will definitely suffer.

Your Mom had also gone through all of this.

You must believe what Mom said about this.”

Mother Su patted the back of Song Jinxi’s hand to appease her.

Then she raised her head to face Shen Liuchen and said: “What do you think, Little Shen”

“Our family doesn’t want our daughter to live an unhappy life, so we don’t want to ask you for any compensation.” She glanced at Song Jinxi’s belly again with a trace of unwillingness.

After all, the child in this belly is also their grandchild.

The father is so handsome, smart and business savvy, and the child may have great prospects in the future.

If it is raised personally by them, in addition to learning, they must also educate his character well, so that he can grow up to be filial to their daughter.

In this way, even if they grow old in the future, there is still someone who will take care of their daughter, so they can feel relieved.


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