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The city where they are in right now is more developed than the city where Shen Liuchen was before, and the orphanage is better than the one he used to stay in.

It will send all the children of school age to the school.

Shen Liuchen had the opportunity to receive and complete the nine-year compulsory education.

Unfortunately, later, because of his abnormal personality and his outlook on life is not the same with others, he used all the knowledge he had learned to cause trouble in the society.

His self-learned hacking skill has made the online network miserable.

He also exposed the complicated love history of the original male lead’s father on the Internet.

He operated secretly and sent this matter to various hot searches.

For a period of time, it caused a lot of trouble to the original male lead Shen Liuyu.

According to the plot theorem, how bad he was as a villain is how miserable he would be when he collapsed.

In order to prevent him from going astray in the future, she can now take the opportunity to instill in him some ideas for the harmonious development of society.

“When Brother Chenchen has money, you can give back to the society.

You can donate money to orphanages and welfare homes, so that more homeless children can have a home and have books to read.”

Half way through, there were stars in her eyes as she exclaimed, “Wow… There must be a lot of people admiring you by then!”

Shen Liuchen looked at her, his eyes flickered slightly.

“What about you” he asked.

“Huh” Song Jinxi didn’t react at once, why did the topic suddenly shift to her.

It was obviously her that was brainwashing him.

What’s more, when she was asked by him, she thought that after she escaped with Shen Liuchen tonight, she would retire and be taken away from the novel world by the system…

She couldn’t help feeling down.

However, her low mood can not be seen by Shen Liuchen, so she forced a smile: “Me I want to study hard and make progress every day, just like Brother Chenchen!”

Shen Liuchen’s eyes were full of inquiry.

Song Jinxi scratched the back of her head and suddenly took out a candy from her pocket and handed it to him.

“Do you want to eat candy”

Shen Liuchen shook his head.

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“It’s very sweet.” She said.

Shen Liuchen: “No.”

Song Jinxi sighed softly and put the candy back in her pocket.

“Tell me later when you want to eat it.”

The topic was successfully shifted.

Seeing that some of the children were already lying on the ground ready to go to sleep, she leaned to Shen Liuchen’s ear and whispered, “Brother Chenchen, we have to escape tonight.”

Without waiting for Shen Liuchen to ask questions, she explained: “When I was outside, I overheard the two bad guys saying that they were going to break a child’s leg, so that they could pretend to be pitiful when begging.

They talked about you this afternoon, so it’s probably about breaking your leg.”

Shen Liuchen pursed his lips.

“After a while, when they are all asleep, we will try to find out if we can escape.

I don’t know if there are wolves on this mountain, but I will protect you.”

The little girl who seems to be less than five years old, said seriously.

Shen Liuchen smiled.

Song Jinxi originally wanted to ask him why he suddenly smiled.

Did he not believe in her

But after she saw the smile of the little male god…

Beautiful Phoenix eyes were rippling with a somewhat light smile, the corners of his lips were slightly raised, the eyebrows and facial features were all softened.

It was really so good-looking that it feels foul.

She was dumbfounded, raised her hand to touch her chest and murmured: “Brother Chenchen, you look good when you smiled.”

She was so cute that Shen Liuchen couldn’t hold back and reached out his hand to rub the top of her head.

Song Jinxi then slowly raised her hand to cover her head and almost fainted because of happiness.

This is the ‘killing a girl’s heart by touching her head’ move from the little male god!

She gained the smile and the head touching killing move from the little male god!

It’s worth it!

The author has something to say:

System: One death, could exchange the smile of the male god and head touching killing move, bargain!

Song Jinxi (nods and clenched her fists): Bargain! ! !

Shen Liuchen blackening value 30%


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