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It’s just that Shen Liuchen wouldn’t let it go, and they couldn’t forcefully grab the child.

She sighed and went on: “We don’t want anything, as long as you keep it a secret for us.”

“Although I don’t want Xiuxiu to get married because of a child,  if she vainly gives birth to a child for him, it would be letting him off a bit too easily then.” Father Su, who has been acting as a wooden man on the side, finally speaks.

He gave Shen Liuchen a fierce look and continued: “You can give our Xiuxiu a house so that she won’t have to pay for the mortgage anymore in the future.

Although our old house is dilapidated now, it was at least located in the city center and can still be sold for millions.

In the future, Xiuxiu will not have to worry about food and clothing anymore even if she doesn’t want to work again.”

This plot developed in a strange direction.

Song Jinxi’s forehead straightly jumped.

She looked at Shen Liuchen and blinked at him, hoping that he would find a way.

Shen Liuchen only glanced at her and then withdrew his gaze.

“If you are afraid that we will claim our relationship with you in the future and disturb your family, we can sign the contract first.

When the baby is born, we will never have anything to do with your family again in the future.

” Father Su added again: “Without exception, if we pester you with the child afterwards, you can take the contract and sue us.”

Song Jinxi was a little embarrassed and has never dared to think that this pair of cheap parents would have such forward thinking.

One asked her to give birth to a child and concealed the birth.

The other one even called out of a contract

Is it that kind of contract

She couldn’t help but think of novels like ‘The President’s High-Priced Contract Little Wife’ and so on that she had read on the Internet…

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Shen Liuchen was also deeply silent.

For a moment, the living room fell into a strange silence.

After a long time, Shen Liuchen cleared his throat and said: “To be honest, Auntie, I actually have been interested in Xiuxiu for a long time already.”

Song Jinxi: “”

The male god is willing to fight so much like this, only to marry a stand-in

She really wanted to see what nonsense he could come up with again to deceive her parents.

“It’s just that she has been working in a company that competes with me, and I can’t get in touch with her.

That night, after drinking…I actually did it on purpose.”

Song Jinxi: “…”

Mother Su: “…”

“What did you say” Father Su suddenly sprang to his feet.

He looked left and right, then picked up the newspaper on the desk and rolled it up and hit it on Shen Liuchen’s body: “You did it on purpose You son of a bitch, you’ve made my daughter pregnant and now you say it’s on purpose”

Shen Liuchen didn’t expect to be beaten by his father-in-law under such circumstances, but he could not resist it.

His father-in-law, who was nearly 50 years old, would not be able to stand his push.

Moreover, after all, it was he who ‘made a mistake first’.

So, in a situation where he was in the wrong, he could only raise his hands to slightly protect his head.

The more Father Su thought about it, the more angry he became.

“From the beginning, you didn’t say anything at all.

We all thought it was because Xiuxiu liked you too much that she pasted herself on you so we didn’t dare to say anything to you.

Now after you see that we disagree with you no matter what, you finally came out to tell the truth You shameless bastard.”

“Dad, Dad!”

Song Jinxi also turned anxious and hurriedly ran over to block in front of Father Su.

“Dad, don’t be angry anymore.

Anger can hurt your body.” As she said this, she tried to pat Father Su on the chest to comfort him.

Father Su was so angry.

It’s just that he remembered his daughter is ‘already pregnant’ now and he was afraid he might accidentally hurt her, so he had to gasp for breath and withdraw to one side.

“You are really wasting such a smart brain in vain.

How can you be so confused in terms of feelings You are calculated by him and even got pregnant, but still helped him to talk.

If it wasn’t for your mother and me helping you block it today, you would be lowering your head to him in the future… “Even though the old father reproached, his eyes were full of heartache.


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