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Chapter 28.4


Song Jinxi: “I know my wrong, Dad.

It’s all my fault.

Don’t be angry anymore.” While continuing to help soothe his anger.

In fact, she thought in her heart, Dad, your daughter is going there to be a stand-in for someone.

And it seems that it will be a little worse than the current situation.

If the two old people knew that their daughter was rushing to act as a stand-in for someone, they might have to die in anger.

…This matter must be concealed in the future.

She cannot tell anyone at all.

She made up her mind like this.


After a round of negotiation and Shen Liuchen was also beaten, the two parents finally let go.

Fortunately, between the two of them, it was not Song Jinxi’s unrequited love but the kind of secret crush on each other.

In addition, now that they will have a baby, no matter how much they don’t want their daughter to have a flash marriage, the two old people can only compromise.

Father Su reluctantly took out the household register and handed it hardly into Song Jinxi’s hand.

He looked at Shen Liuchen with the eyes as if he was looking at an enemy, and left behind a father-in-law’s cruel words.

Then personally send them downstairs.

All the way, Shen Liuchen was very quiet.

Looking at his back, Song Jinxi always felt that his walking posture was a little stiff.

It seems that he was really scared by Father Su.

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She couldn’t help wondering.

The male god has done a lot in the past few years.

Although there is no blood on his hands, there are many wars that he had fought without using gunpowder at all in the market.

He has no leeway in doing things and according to the system, many successful entrepreneurs have been forced to go bankrupt and their families broken because of their confrontation with him.

How could an assembly line worker, who is about to be laid off, frighten such an invincible killer in the market and even a big demon that wants to destroy the whole world

Of course, she didn’t mean to look down on Father Su at all just because of her suspicion.

Father Su loved her, his ‘daughter’, so much that it made her like and admired him very much.

She thought that this was what a father should look like.

She was just a little confused.

Compared with those crafty cannibals in the market, Father Su’s deterrent power should not be enough but Shen Liuchen was actually frightened by him.

He didn’t fight back when he was beaten and even didn’t retort when he was scolded.

If she was not clear about the setting of the male god, she might mistakenly think that the male god really brought himself into the role of a son-in-law, and dare to make trouble in front of the Father-in-law and Mother-in-law.

She couldn’t figure it out after thinking about it but she couldn’t directly ask the male god this question either, so she had to endure it silently.

Father Su sent her to the car and asked her to take care of herself and the baby in her belly, tell her to call home every day and so on… The nagging level was no less than that of middle-aged women and it made Song Jinxi, who was used to loneliness, very moved.

“I will come back to see you often, Dad.” She said, “You and Mom must take care of yourselves well.

Don’t worry about me.

“If he treats you badly, you just come back here.

Anyway, it’s not that far away.

At most, it’s just a divorce.

Our pension can still support you.” Father Su said again.

Shen Liuchen who sat aside, pursed his lips.

Song Jinxi said with a smile: “Okay, Dad.

I know.

Go back now, Dad.”

Father Su: “You go first.

I will watch you go before I go up.”

When their car finally drove away, Father Su reached out his hand and wiped his eyes, then he went upstairs with a melancholy face.

The back figure is very lonely.

When he got home, he saw that Mother Su was unpacking the gifts Shen Liuchen had prepared for them.

He snorted coldly and said: “Unpack, unpack, unpack.

What’s so good there You still have the mood to look at the gifts.”

Mother Su couldn’t help laughing when she saw his pitiful expression as if he had been robbed of treasure.


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