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“At the beginning, I really didn’t agree much about the two of them.

Little Shen is too handsome and he is also so rich, and it was still our daughter who was tempted first… The two do not have the slightest emotional foundation, but they want to get married for a child… If this is really the case, I wouldn’t agree no matter what.”

“It’s just that afterwards, Little Shen himself admitted that he actually likes Xiuxiu too.

Now that the two of them liked each other, what else was there to be stopped”

“You, turn over that tendon in your head.”

“Our daughter is already twenty-four this year, and she’s not too young anymore.

She will marry sooner or later.

Rather than marrying someone who has ordinary conditions, it’s better to marry someone who has better conditions.

Little Shen said he would be responsible for the mother and son.

So we just have to wait to be grandparents.

Moreover, there is no Mother-in-law in their family and only Little Shen alone.

When our daughter gets married to him, she will be the sole Madam in the house.

Isn’t it good enough”

After Mother Su’s series of words were out, Father Su thought again and agreed with it.

There was nothing to say for a while.

It’s just that, when he thought about the precious daughter he had worked so hard to raise was abducted and ran away with a stinky boy, even abduct one and get one more for free, he couldn’t let go of that anger.

“Don’t tell me that marrying a man, one should not just look at the man’s money or his family’s conditions only.

No matter how good a man’s conditions are, if there is an evil Mother-in-law at home, our daughter will have to suffer even after she gets married.

In other words, if you let your daughter marry a man who has no money and also has an evil Mother-in-law at home just because you are worried about being the Madam of a rich family will be invidious for her, then our daughter’s life in the future will be even more difficult.” Mother Su said again.

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Father Su: “…It seems to make sense too.

This Little Shen’s conditions seem to be pretty good then.”

No matter how he thinks about this matter, it was a foregone conclusion anyway.

In addition, his daughter liked him, so he slowly persuaded himself to let the anger go.

Then he walked over and took a look at the gifts together with Mother Su.

Father Su likes to play chess.

When Shen Liuchen brought up the gift, he only said that it was a chess, so Father Su didn’t give more attention to it either.

Unexpectedly, when he opened it, it turned out to be a white jade chess.

All the chess pieces are made of jade, even the chessboard is made of jade too.

At that time, he was thinking in his heart that Shen Liuchen was here to grab his daughter, so he felt a little bit angered and even somewhat didn’t want to accept this gift.

Now, when he holds the chess piece in his hand and feels the warm feeling in his palm, it makes him can’t wait to call his old friends over now and play 300 rounds with them.

He just wanted to make a call, but he heard Mother Su say again: “It’s just that, I don’t know what our daughter thinks of, but she refuses to hold a wedding banquet.

I think Little Shen seems to have the idea to hold a wedding banquet instead.”

Father Su’s movement paused and he thought for a moment, then said: “Maybe our daughter only likes the appearance of the stinky boy now and doesn’t really want to live with him.

Thinking that after she has had enough of that face two years later, she will divorce him.

If the wedding banquet is too grand right now, everyone will know that she was married.

If the first person she married was so rich, then it will be hard for her to find a second spring when the time comes.

So she wants to keep a low profile first,so as to make it easier to find another partner after her divorce.”

Before he finished his words, he was beaten by Mother Su.


On the other side, in the car, Song Jinxi clasped her hands on her knees.

She glanced at the household registry in Shen Liuchen’s hand, retracted her gaze, then glanced again, and retracted her gaze again.

Wanting to speak but hesitated, then keeping silent but having something to say.

Shen Liuchen lazily raised his eyelids and glanced at her, then put the household registry to his right side.

Song Jinxi sits on his left side.

In this way, Song Jinxi can’t see the household registry anymore.

“That…” She looked at him and pulled out an awkward smile, but then stopped talking.


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