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Song Jinxi looked at him with the kind of eyes that looked at the devil while raising her hand and wiped her tears away, “Can you not do this anymore in the future”

She didn’t know that her pitiful appearance was more likely to arouse men’s tyrannical desires.

Shen Liuchen’s eyes grew darker and couldn’t help pinching her cheek hard.

Song Jinxi: “Wuu…” The male god bullies her.

“Can you smile now” Shen Liuchen asked again.

Song Jinxi succumbed under his despotic power and quickly nodded.

While nodding, she rubbed her poor little cheek.

Looking at her stupidity, pretty much like an ignorant little beast, Shen Liuchen couldn’t help but pat her on the head gently.

“Give me a smile.” He said.

With a deep and gentle voice, Song Jinxi felt that her ears were about to become pregnant[1].

When she looked over again, the corners of his mouth made a small arc, and the look of his smile completely killed all mankind in a flash.

Just now she was still thinking about when she could see him smiling happily but unexpectedly, her wish came true so quickly.

She feels so happy.

He looks really good when he smiles…

Song Jinxi was stunned by happiness.

She turned her head and looked at the camera with a giggle.

Until the moment before the marriage certificate was issued, she was still dizzy.

She felt a little bit floating, like stepping on a cloud.

But when she saw the picture on the marriage certificate, she suddenly woke up.

She grabbed a marriage certificate from Shen Liuchen’s hand.

Holding the bright red certificate, she looked at it closely in front of her eyes.

She almost shed tears of pain and regret.

“Why do you smile so beautifully, but I smile so stupidly”

She looked at Shen Liuchen pitifully: “Can this picture be taken again”

This marriage certificate photo may be her only marriage certificate in this life.

She doesn’t want to leave such a silly side of herself on such an important photo of marriage.

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She was usually very photogenic.

Why is she so stupid this time Honestly, she was like a mentally retarded children with zero IQ in the countryside.

Shen Liuchen glanced at her lightly: “Maybe this is the difference between the real one and the stand-in.”

After he finished speaking, he took the marriage certificate from Song Jinxi’s hand, and put the two marriage certificates together.

Then he got into the car first.

The certificate was to the assistant in the front passenger seat.

“Lock it in the safe,” he said.

Assistant: “Okay.”

After a while, Song Jinxi finally dawdled into the car and she wanted to see her marriage certificate again.

Since it is inevitable to leave her silly smile on the marriage certificate, then… At least let her look at the gentle smile of the male god and let her feel the beauty and harmony again through her eyes.

However, the certificate has disappeared.

“Where’s the marriage certificate Shouldn’t I have one too”

Shen Liuchen: “You are just a stand-in.

I will keep all the marriage certificates.

If Xixi comes back one day, we will get divorced immediately.”

Song Jinxi: “Oh.” Big pig’s hoof[2].

She turned her head to one side angrily, always feeling that the male god was not cute anymore, not cute at all even.

But becoming the stand-in was her own idea, and this is a play that she must act on.

Now that the male god believes that she is just a stand-in, she should bear the consequences too.


The certificates have been received and now the two of them are legal husband and wife.

Song Jinxi followed Shen Liuchen back to his house.

Looking at this garden villa with a swimming pool, Song Jinxi couldn’t help but sigh.

Before she was ten years old, Father Song’s company was only a small workshop.

Their family was not very rich and couldn’t afford a villa at all.

After ten years old, his parents divorced.

Father Song made a small sum of money because he caught the fast train of rapid economic development.

[1] Ears were pregnant: This word means that when one hears a certain sound or music, one feels like they have been pricked by the G spot in the ear, which makes them feel very comfortable.

[2] Pig’s hoof: unfaithful man.


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