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Song Jinxi looked at it carefully for a while and picked out several items that she liked.

Just when she wanted to talk to Shen Liuchen, she saw him push a whole pile of magazines on the coffee table in front of her.

“Read all these, and fold all the pages with your favorite styles in it.” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi: “Isn’t it just looking at the tailoring style of one company only”

“I decided to create my own brand,” Shen Liuchen said.

“You choose several styles you like, and I will dig out those designers that made these styles.”

“Is it based on my preferences only” Song Jinxi hesitated.

“This is the brand I created for Xixi.” Shen Liuchen glanced at her.

“You look so similar to Xixi.

Your aesthetics and preferences should be similar.

You just choose what you like and it will be used as the main style of this brand in the future.”

“But…” Song Jinxi’s hand unconsciously squeezed a page of the magazine and felt that the burden on her shoulders was a bit heavy.

She hesitated and said, “The style that I liked is very similar.

Wouldn’t it be bad if I were the only one to choose it all”

“You just need to only choose.” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi still feels that it was inappropriate.

Shen Liuchen: “I created this brand for Xixi and I am the one who invested in it.

Even if the target audience is not big or it is not popular, I will be the one to bear the consequences.”

Song Jinxi: “Oh.”

It probably took more than an hour.

When she was picking and choosing, Shen Liuchen had been sitting next to her to accompany her, leaving once halfway through.

Halfway through the selection, she couldn’t help but raise her head and asked a question: “Don’t you need to go to work”

Shen Liuchen glanced at her, paused for a moment, and slowly uttered two words: “Marriage leave.”

Song Jinxi: “Oh.”

She thought that the president, who has hundreds of important matters every day, will not have a marriage leave.

“By the way,” She finished reading another magazine, and suddenly thought of a question that she hadn’t had time to ask before: “When we took the car home to get the household registry, it took 15 minutes on the road.

How did you make them prepare gifts for mom and dad within 15 minutes”

“Your home is in the city center.

The nearby Xiyu shopping mall is owned by the Jinyu Group.” Shen Liuchen answered carelessly.

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Song Jinxi had a slight impression of the Xiyu shopping mall.

She glanced at it roughly when she went home in Shen Liuchen’s car.

The entire mall occupies a large area and the decoration is very beautiful.

It is better than the decoration of some leading shopping malls in the real world.

It has a western style with it.

It looks very high-end.

She was still thinking that this might be an unknown foreigner owned shopping mall.

Later, when she recalled it again carefully, she remembered that this novel world was written by relying on the real world, but it was actually semi-overhead.

Their country was set by the original author as the most developed and richest country in the world and is the global economic, political and cultural center.

Fifteen of the top 20 universities in the world are in their country.

The top 3 prestigious universities are all in their country.

Not to mention those well-known companies and brands.

Anyway, the background is pretty good.

“That big sized Xiyu… Is it all yours alone” She asked hesitantly.

Shen Liuchen nodded slightly, “Not only the entire shopping mall, but also the shops inside are 80% controlled by the Jinyu Group.”

How much money was that…

Song Jinxi has no idea at all.

“The white jade chessboard for… Father-in-law comes from China’s House of Jade, one of the subsidiaries of Jinyu Group.

The Western Jade in China’s House of Jade is the flagship store in China, and the speed of launching new products is the fastest in the world.

There are not only white jade chess in the store, but also Go.

Just tell Father-in-law, if he wants anything in the future, he can just go directly to the store and get it.”


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