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“Thank you.” She whispered her thanks.

Her tears almost dampened half of the tissue.

After watching the movie, she was still immersed in the plot just now.

The robot girlfriend and the human boyfriend were supposed to be together happily, but they encountered the first robot riot after the introduction of intelligent robots into the market.

In order to save the human boyfriend, the robot girlfriend’s circuit board was dismantled by her same kind, which destroyed her core chip and various backup data, and she disappeared from the world forever…

Shen Liuchen turned off the power and turned on the lights, then stood in front of the screen and looked at her.

“So moved”

Song Jinxi nodded, “I can’t help it.

I am a person who is relatively easy to cry when I feel moved and there are too many teary scenes too, so it’s easy to feel moved.”

Looking at her tearful look, Shen Liuchen was a little unhappy.

He pursed his lips.

“The movie is too good and so touching…” Song Jinxi wiped away her tears.

“Although the hero survived, he will live in regret for the rest of his life.

He made the consequence himself, but… it still makes people couldn’t help but feel distressed.”

“Actually… If the heroine doesn’t rush out to save him, she may not die.

After all, the hero is a human.

There are robot rules in the code of intelligent robots.

They can’t directly attack human beings.” She said with a sigh, “But there’s no other way.

If it’s me, if the person I like is in danger, I will definitely rush forward desperately too.”

Shen Liuchen: “Is it…so”

Song Jinxi nodded, looked at him and asked: “If the person you like is in danger, even if you know she may not really have an accident, can you hide in the corner and not go out to save her”

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Shen Liuchen was silent.

After a while, when she had tidied up her mood again, the two of them walked out of the home theater.

“What do you think of future technology” Shen Liuchen asked.

Song Jinxi: “What do you mean”

Shen Liuchen: “For example, robots.

Do you think we are far from the era of intelligent robots”

Song Jinxi thought for a while and said: “I don’t know much about this.

I can only write code.

But now there seems to be artificial intelligence.

Intelligent robots and real robots will be developed sooner or later.”

Shen Liuchen: “If the era of intelligent robots really comes, what do you hope robots can do for you”

“I…” Song Jinxi suddenly remembered some unrealistic ideas she had when reading novels before, and said with a smile: “You may look down on me when I say it.

What I used to expect most from intelligent robots was that I could have that kind of companion robot.

Handsome and single-minded, with me as the only one in his eyes and will never betray me.

I am the only one for him in the whole world.”

As she spoke, she suddenly felt that the surrounding temperature seemed to have dropped by a lot.

Then she secretly looked at Shen Liuchen’s face and saw that his face was really not very good.

That’s right.

After all, she is already married to him now.

Even if she is just a stand-in, she shouldn’t think of other men in her heart.

She immediately remedied: “Of course, that’s what I thought before I met you.

Since I met you, I feel that no matter how beautiful the robot is designed, it must not be as handsome as you.

You are the most handsome man in the world! Even if there are also handsome people out there, they are not as smart as you and not as rich as you.

The kind like you who is so rich and handsome was even hard to come by.

I like you best!”

As she spoke, she quietly observed the changes in Shen Liuchen’s face and found that his complexion was indeed better.

“It’s just that my attitude towards intelligent robots has always been not optimistic, even a little afraid.” She thought for a moment and hesitated to say what she had never had the opportunity to discuss with others:

“There are always many accidents in the world.”


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