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Adhering to the idea that it can be delayed for a while, Song Jinxi took out her mobile phone and opened a game.

“I’m not sleepy,” she said.

“And I don’t have the habit of taking a nap either.”

While talking, she had already logged into her account and entered the match.

“I recently played a new game.

It’s very fun.

It just takes time to level up.

I want to level up now.” For such good reasons, she felt she could successfully avoid taking a nap.

Shen Liuchen walked to her and sat down.

He took her mobile phone with one of his hands and looked at the picture of the selection of heroes with a slight frown.

“You can’t spend money to upgrade the experience” he asked.

Song Jinxi snatched the phone back again, and found that in that short period of time, one of her favorite archer heroes had been robbed, and she couldn’t help but deflate her mouth.

Teammates in this kind of junior game like to grab shooters.

There are often several shooters in one game.

If they don’t grab the shooter, they will grab the mage.

From time to time, one can see the combination of three Heavenly Dancing Goddesses and even five Heavenly Dancing Goddesses…

Song Jinxi had played one of the short shooters quite smoothly.

Generally, in this kind of junior round, as long as she can get the short shooter, with or without assistance, she can blow the opponent out.

But now the short shooter has been robbed, and her teammates have locked on the other hero.

It was impossible for them to let it out anymore so she had to step back and choose another short shooter.

“This is a MOBA game, which is different from general upgrade streaming games.

There are upper limits on the experience and gold coins that can be gained every day in the game.

Not all games’ experiences can be bought with money.” Song Jinxi said.

So far, including Song Jinxi, there have been two mages and two shooters in their five person team, and the last player has not chosen their hero yet.

That player had a better attitude and kept sending out the ‘please pay attention to the lineup match’ reminder, but unfortunately no one paid attention to him.

Finally, that player chose a hero in the support position.

Song Jinxi chose the hero with jungle[1] skill and sent a message of ‘I will jungle’ before entering the game.

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As she began to enter the state, she even urged from the bottom of her heart for Shen Liuchen to hurry up and go upstairs so that she could avoid the embarrassing situation of sharing the bed with him this time.

It was just that, Shen Liuchen seemed to be very interested in this game and even sat next to her to watch it.

After the game officially started, Song Jinxi didn’t care about him anymore and completely devoted her attention to the game.

She first went to get the red buff and sent a message with a shy emoticon asking to become the first, but the short shooter had to fight this with her.

In the end, she grabbed the buff by taking a disciplinary action against him, and the shooter began to hang up there.

Then, he cursed.

Song Jinxi, who has experienced all kinds of big storms and waves a long time ago, completely ignored him and even curled her lips indifferently.

She sighed in her heart:

Sure enough, different worlds, but with the same game.

No matter where it is, there are so many people who like to accusate without logic and facts, with brain disabilities.

“He is scolding you.” Shen Liuchen’s low voice came from the side.

Song Jinxi took the remaining two small monsters and began to go jungling on the other side.

Hearing what Shen Liuchen said, she took the time to shield the shooter, and said indifferently: “It’s okay, just let him scold.”

Perhaps because she has entered the state, she now pays more attention to the game, so her whole person is more relaxed.

At least compared to when she faced Shen Liuchen before, her current state was much more relaxed.

As soon as she concentrated, she inadvertently ignored the idea of setting up her character in front of Shen Liuchen.

After going to the middle road to help the mage fight the opposite mage, she added: “When the battle record comes out later, let him kneel and call me Daddy.”

Shen Liuchen: “…”

She was busy jungling and did not notice Shen Liuchen’s gaze at all.

Shen Liuchen looked at her for a while, and saw that she easily killed a hero on the opposite side and a kill icon was displayed on the screen.

She also whispered contemptuously: “Let you snatch your Daddy’s pangolin[2].”

[1] Jungle: Jungling (also referred to as bushing or neutral creeping) is when a player concentrates on killing Neutral Creeps during the game, usually for additional Gold or Experience.

Source: Wiki.

TN: Pardon, all the gaming terms are out of this translator’s reach so I cannot translate it accurately, but will still try my best to google it.

[2] Pangolin: easy path.

TN: Okay, I just noticed that the type of game mentioned in this ABTC story seems to be similar or even the same as the WVHRA story (which I am also translating at this moment).

Pardon my miss-translation (if there’s any, though I will always welcome all the corrections), because when translating this part, it’s already so late at night and I am already so so so sleepy ~_~


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