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He seriously looked at her facial features, saw that she was completely immersed in the game and slowly let go of herself, showing her most real side in front of him.

In the previous three times of getting along, they spent very little time alone, and the purpose of her appearance was also very clear.

Basically, she disappeared after helping him avoid danger.

He had no chance to understand the side of her daily life.

His impression of her is even a little bit vague.

After she appeared this time, perhaps it was in order not to show that she has too many similarities with her own self before, she acted too concerned and it has always given people a feeling of timidity.

While watching her poor performance, he somewhat wanted to directly expose her and let her stop acting.

Her acting skills were really poor.

But the girl has worked so hard.

He is still not sure what the purpose of her appearance is this time and whether he will face any disaster again or not… Therefore, in order not to make her afraid and escaped, he can only play with her.

He needs to get the information about her identity as soon as possible.

Only after confirming that he has the ability to protect her safety and happiness, and also be sure that he can keep her forever by his side can he have a showdown with her.

There will be no more scruples and there’s no need for any excuses to spoil her at all.

Put her in the palm of his hand and spoil her.

He thought he would have to keep watching her dancing in front of him wearing a mask.

Unexpectedly, just because of a game, she inadvertently showed her other side in front of him.

Until now, he didn’t know that she could also play games.

What she can do isn’t just studying only.

When playing the game, she was very real and majestic.

Even when she was scolded, she didn’t lower herself to the same level as the other’s at all.

The appearance of her spitting out the cruel words even made him want to submit himself to her.

The image of the girl became more three-dimensional in his impression.

A faint smile flashed in his beautiful phoenix eyes.

Recalling the icon he just saw, he took out his mobile phone and began to download the game.

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When Song Jinxi finished a round of play and raised her head to stretch her muscles and bones, she saw that Shen Liuchen was also playing this game.

He still plays the hero she had just played.

She couldn’t help but be attracted to it.

Looking at Shen Liuchen’s success in beheading another player, and then looking at his record of eleven killings and zero deaths again, she opened her mouth.

Just when she was about to speak, she found that the assassin in the middle had disappeared.

She hurriedly said: “It seems that the assassin of the other party has come to catch you.


Shen Liuchen ignored her.

Instead, he walked directly along the wild area of his team to the side of the snake.

Sure enough, he saw the assassin in the grass.

The cooling time of the ultimate skill just ended.

He directly throws the ultimate skill at his feet, and then hits the target with one skill.

When he had only one-fifth of his blood line left, he used the second skill to pull away from the assassin.

He ran a few steps to the side and went jungling to suck blood for himself.

When he hit the second small monster, the assassin who had not had time to catch up was already blown to death.

Song Jinxi couldn’t help clapping.

“That’s awesome.

Have you analyzed the damage data How could you be so sure the assassin will be blown to death”

Shen Liuchen glanced at her, “I thought this was a basic judgment.”

Song Jinxi thought about it seriously and said: “No.

Usually, it’s only a great god who can do it to this level.

For example, like me playing this hero, although my skills are also very good and can often make a beautiful record, I can’t be so sure too that the one skill I throw out will be able to kill the other party.

There were times when I was in a group war and accidentally threw out a skill.

After a while, when I received the kill count, I was even stupefied myself.”

Shen Liuchen: “Perhaps, this is the gap between the experts and…”

Song Jinxi: “”

Shen Liuchen did not utter the word ‘vegetable chicken[1]’, but Song Jinxi knew he meant that.

Because this is what she just used to evaluate the hang up shooter.


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