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But… Why does the wheel of fortune turn so fast What she just said was immediately used by Shen Liuchen to evaluate her

While they were talking, Shen Liuchen led the team to destroy the opponent and directly dismantled the crystal.

When the sign of successful settlement pops up, Song Jinxi was surprised to find that on the settlement interface——


She rubbed her eyes and carefully went to look at it again but Shen Liuchen had already exited the settlement interface.

However, the picture frame in the upper left corner still clearly shows: V8.

“That…” she was still stretching her neck to look at his panel and pointed to his cell phone, “Can I have a look at your account”

Shen Liuchen directly handed her his mobile phone and naturally took her mobile phone into his hand too.

After his mobile phone was already in her hand, she first opened the hero interface…

Except for the legendary heroes that can only be obtained by lucky draws, the other heroes are already there.

Then she looked at the skin interface again…

Except for some limited skins, other skins are already available there as well.

She went to look at the inscription interface again.

The inscription is 0.

It should be that he hasn’t begun to explore this aspect.

It seems that there is no recharge record in the game.

It can only be seen that he is already a top VIP.

Song Jinxi sighed from the bottom of her heart and was about to return the mobile phone to him, but the mobile phone vibrated.

A text message pops up.

“Is it a verification code” Shen Liuchen asked.

Song Jinxi took advantage of the information prompt to remember the verification code and told him the verification code.

Seeing him tapping on her mobile phone screen, she leaned over——

“Wa, wa, wait a minute!” She tried to grab her mobile phone back, but was blocked by one of his hands.

The slender finger on his other hand were still tapping on the screen.

“How much did you charge!” The money-saving wife uttered out a heartbroken-sounding voice.

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Shen Liuchen said indifferently: “One hundred thousand.”

“One hundred thousand!!!” Song Jinxi clutched her heart and squeezed out a voice from between her teeth: “This is my… five months’ salary!”

This is her salary after job hopping.

In her original company, her monthly salary was only a little over ten thousand.

One hundred thousand is equivalent to ten months’ salary!

Her heart hurts so much.

Even breathing is painful.

Shen Liuchen finally stopped, took the time to look over, and said, “A wealthy wife worth hundreds of billions, please don’t emphasize your twenty thousand monthly salary in the future.

If you say it, it will only disgrace the whole Jinyu Group.”

Song Jinxi opened her mouth.

Wanted to talk but stopped, wanted to stop but hesitated.

“You have to get used to it.” Shen Liuchen said again.

He lowered his head again and continued to buy heroes.

After buying all the heroes, he pointed to the legendary hero that could only be obtained through lucky draws and asked Song Jinxi: “How to get this hero”

Song Jinxi had mixed feelings in her heart, and answered his question with difficulty: “You can draw it in the lottery interface.”

So, Shen Liuchen discovered the door to the new world.

Throwing money to buy glory points.

He drew a circle and found that he hadn’t drawn the redeemed crystals.

When he looked at the daily lottery restrictions that popped up on the screen, his good-looking eyebrows frowned slightly.

“Why is the number of times also being limited”

“Maybe they are afraid that players will throw too much money in a day and cause disputes.” Song Jinxi’s tone was already a little bit exhausted.

For the first time, she felt so clearly that she might not be able to quickly adapt to the identity of a wealthy wife worth hundreds of billions.

In terms of the consumption concept alone, one hundred thousand yuan may be just a small amount of money for Shen Liuchen, but in her eyes, it is already a small huge sum of money.

Before job hopping, she always had a monthly salary of ten thousand yuan.

After removing the monthly expenses and rent, she could have about seven thousand yuan left, and it was already her living as thrifty as she could.

Many people in their company work for a year and can’t even save fifty thousand yuan.

There are even more people in the Moonlight Clan[1].

There are even those who occasionally have to ask money from their family.

Of course, those people are the rich second generation.

They were doing coding just to experience life, and she had nothing to say in it.

[1] Moonlight Clan: The Moonlight Clan is a large group of people who expend their entire salary before the end of each month.


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