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When reading novels in the past, she saw some male leads green themselves and eat their own vinegar without even knowing the truth, she would only show her aunt’s smile[1] and feel sweet.

She didn’t expect that it would be her turn now instead…

This feeling is too sour.

She can’t bear it.

Unexpectedly, Shen Liuchen half narrowed his eyes and could actually see her expression clearly.

The smile at the bottom of his eyes flashed by.

He continued to tease her, and whispered in a soft voice: “Kiss me.”

After waiting for a while, seeing that she didn’t move, Shen Liuchen lowered his eyes and pressed down the slightest craving in his heart, but continued to say in a confused tone: “My Xixi, every time I do something that make her happy, she would give me rewards afterwards.”

Song Jinxi: “…”

Has she lost her memory

Did she… ever give any rewards to the male god before

It, it seems not

She shouldn’t have lost her memory, right

The one who lost the memory are the other people in the novel world and not her, right But why——

“… She would even throw herself on me and kiss me.”

Song Jinxi: “”


She didn’t!

Could it be that…the ‘Xixi’ that the male god is talking about, is another person

Song Jinxi was stunned.

Is there any other ‘Song Jinxi’ besides her who appeared in the life of the male god, and even kissed him

If Shen Liuchen hadn’t been holding the back of her head, lowered his forehead and pasted it on her forehead, Song Jinxi definitely wouldn’t be able to hold herself from holding his head with both of her hands and asking the excellent question three times in a row.

Who is she

Where is she

What is she doing

“When she sprained her ankle, I served her a meal, and she also ate my tofu…”

Song Jinxi: Puff——

Wait a minute.

At that time, she seemed to have really said ‘Give me your tofu’.

Although she thought of teasing him when she said that, she really only ate his tofu.

That tofu is a dish and it hasn’t risen to the actual ‘eat his tofu[2]’ yet.


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Then, his incoherent talk right now, does that mean that his memory was disordered

She forced herself to remain calm and began to analyze it seriously.

“She gives me one of the only two steamed buns she has and gives me a sweet smile…”

This is obviously what happened during the first crossing.

Why is it mixed up together with the ‘tofu eating incident’

“… She often seduces me on the bed, so that I can’t wait to give my life to her.”

Song Jinxi felt as if she had guessed something.

For a moment, it felt like she wanted to cry but no tears came up.


The male god is insane.

The system said that he was paranoid, irritable, a light sleeper… and has many other personality problems.

But it didn’t seem to say that his memory and mind was disordered, right

“That… That…” Song Jinxi interrupted him and asked: “Didn’t you say that you didn’t get along with her for a long time Did she… ever done…that, with you “

Shen Liuchen: “…”

He stiffened slightly and let go of her.

Then he sat back to the original position again.

Song Jinxi has roughly confirmed her own guesses.

She leaned over and asked: “When did she leave How old were you two at that time”

Shen Liuchen didn’t speak, as if he was answering this question with silent resistance.

After a while, just when she sat back and planned to give up the question, Shen Liuchen finally spoke.

“Ten years ago.” He said.

His voice was no longer as hoarse and dull as before, instead it was calm and indifferent.

Song Jinxi pretended not to understand: “What”

Shen Liuchen lowered his eyelids, and the expression in his eyes was unclear.

He explained: “She has been away for ten years.”

“That…” She didn’t change the expression on her face at all but in fact, she quietly felt relieved at the bottom of her heart.

To be honest, she had another bold guess in her heart just now, and was still thinking whether there was actually another ‘Song Jinxi’ in this world, who had once appeared in his world too.

After all, it is very magical that she can cross into the novel world through the system.

Then, it is difficult to ensure that there is no parallel time and space in the real world.

Is there also another ‘Song Jinxi’ in the parallel time and space then

[1] aunt’s smile: a popular word on the Internet, describing a kind, pampering, loving and comforting smile that a girl shows when she sees things she likes.

The most common usage is when she sees a male idol who is younger than herself.

[2] eat tofu: take a liberty  with someone.


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