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The little girl is afraid to disturb the surrounding, so she dares not make a sound.

She cocked her butt and drilled through the door with a muffled voice.

She basically wiped the floor with her head to drill out.

Shen Liuchen squatted down and silently helped her hold the door.

Looking at her disheartened face, she only drilled out her head and was still trying to drill out her neck.

Her face is flushed red.

Shen Liuchen felt distressed and funny at the same time.

He never liked to pay attention to his peers before.

From the time he could remember until now, what he longed the most was to have a home and have parents who loved him.

And now, his desire for home has been gradually reduced because of two successive blows.

Instead, it was replaced by the little girl who likes to stick to him and often looks at him with admiring and loving eyes.

Little girl worked very hard, and when he was in a trance, she had already got halfway out.

Using her hands and feet to drill out of the door, she stood up, patted the dust on her body, patted her hands clean, and patted the dust on her face.

This time, if he can escape smoothly, he…

There was even an unspeakable thought.

He did not want to take the little girl to the orphanage, did not want to continue to wait for the illusory family relationship that the former dean had said, but wanted to take the little girl and live on their own.

He would look for all kinds of hard work to earn money to support her.

Will redouble his efforts to let her live a good life.

As long as she’s by his side.

Song Jinxi doesn’t know what her little male god thinks.

She is still thinking about how to escape successfully.

She looked at the door lock.

The door lock is the kind of a big old copper lock.

Even if she changes her body, she can’t do anything about it.

So, she said to Shen Liuchen, “The door is locked.

I’ll go to see if they have a key in their room.”

“They have the key with them.

Don’t go.” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi frowned: “What should I do” She can’t let the little male god drill through the door too, right

She was able to get through because of her small size, but it was also very difficult for her to drill.

Even if the little male god wants to drill, he might not be able to get through.

“Look at the window.

Can you open it from the outside” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi turned her eyes to the window covered with spider webs.

Thatched huts are called thatched huts, not because all of the parts were made by thatch.

In fact, the walls of the huts are built with clay bricks.

On the wall there are two small windows with opposite doors.

After returning from the toilet in the afternoon, Song Jinxi tried to push it but she couldn’t move it.

She thought it was blocked.

Now when Shen LIUCHEN said this, she thought of another possibility.

She went around to the window, and sure enough she saw that it was locked from the outside.

She pulled the iron bolt away and opened the window quietly.

Seeing that Shen Liuchen was about to climb out of the window, she hurriedly stopped him.

“Wait a minute.”

She picked up a wooden stick, picked the spider webs and spiders on the window to one side before Shen Liuchen climbed out.

They are free.

Song Jinxi threw the stick aside and looked up at Shen Liuchen.

Under the moonlight, the little male god’s face is as good as ever.

The escape process was a bit smooth, so Song Jinxi was both happy and nervous.

She took initiative to hold Shen Liuchen’s hand and walked down the mountain with him.

When they were far away from the thatched hut, Song Jinxi finally breathed a sigh of relief.

This time they are really free!

As long as their luck is not too bad and they are not caught halfway by the traffickers, she will avoid the first ordeal of the male god when he was a child.

If he is not blackened, he will not become a villain.



The road they walked is too rugged, she is small and a little unstable, and she almost fell down several times but Shen Liuchen caught her in time.


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