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That ‘Song Jinxi’ also liked him very much and appeared in the novel world, trying to save him.

It seems to be a bit whimsical, but after hearing Shen Liuchen say it so naturally that ‘she seduced him on the bed’, she really couldn’t control herself to not have too much thought.

“She left, but she often appeared in my dreams.” Shen Liuchen turned his head and looked at her with dark eyes, which seemed so deeply meaningful.

Song Jinxi’s expression was dull.

He stretched out his hand and frivolously lifted her jaw, then looked at her face carefully before finally looking at her lips and said slowly: “Xixi in my dream is a demon spirit.

As a stand-in, you should learn more.”

“Learn…” Song Jinxi was surprised, “How to learn it”

He leaned over slightly and looked at her, who was half a head shorter than him, sitting on the sofa.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, revealing an inexplicable smile: “Xixi, I heard that… men who have been abstinent for too long, once he starts to eat meat[1], women won’t be able to bear it so easily.”

He smiled a little wickedly, and what he said caught her off guard.

Song Jinxi searched for a while before finding his own voice, and said hesitantly: “Then…then don’t eat the meat”

She is an innocent little girl who also has no experience.

Thinking about the various descriptions of women’s first pains that she had read on the Internet before, she was really afraid of this.

He also said that ‘women won’t be able to bear it so easily’, which only makes her have a psychological shadow in advance!

Shen Liuchen let go of her jaw and stood up and said, “From tomorrow on, you must go for a morning jog with me every morning.”

Song Jinxi: “Huh”

Why does the topic change so fast

Telling her to exercise seriously every day, is that for her to be able to tolerate it in bed

What…kind of strange logic is this

The innocent boy who she had just not seen for ten years, why has he become like this now!

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How could he be so coquettish!

Song Jinxi was distressed.

Thinking that in the future she might not be able to sleep in anymore, she protested hesitatingly: “Can we not run in the morning”

“If your physical fitness is not strong enough, and the ability to bear it is not enough…” Shen Liuchen said slowly: “I’m afraid that when I do it, you will faint.”

Song Jinxi stretched out her hand to support her forehead.

He looked at the pendulum clock on one side and said: “It’s almost three o’clock.

Go upstairs for a nap.”

Song Jinxi: “I still want to play games.”

Shen Liuchen leaned close to her and put his hand on the back of the sofa behind her.

“Shall I play adult games with you then”

Song Jinxi couldn’t bear it anymore.

She wiped her face, cleaned up her emotions, and stretched out her hands to push him back.

“Can you stop uttering lewd talk in such a serious manner” She glared at him angrily and complained on his face.

Shen Liuchen took a step back.

He was still looking at her, but his smile was gradually restrained and the evil feeling had disappeared completely, replaced by an incomparable calm and indifference.

As if the scene just now was Song Jinxi’s illusion only.

The long and narrow phoenix eyes are as black as a ball of ink, which makes it difficult for others to see the emotions in them.

“We are now a legal couple, Mrs.

Shen.” Shen Liuchen lowered his head and unzipped his cuffs, then slowly raised his eyes to look at her, “Besides, from your performance, I don’t seem to be able to see how deeply rooted you are for me.”

His tone was so calm, as if the ambiguous words he said just now were only used to test her reaction.

Song Jinxi was speechless for a while.

Now she can’t tell at all, which of his words are serious and which are testing her.

She even feels that such an uncertain and unpredictable male god is a bit scary.

She couldn’t figure out his thoughts.

[1] eat meat: have s*x.


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