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In the novel world, maybe it’s because she’s facing the person she likes, or because she is restricted in all aspects, she often does this and can’t say anything so easily.

She was afraid of losing her fake identity and her arrangement will be disordered.

This feeling is very bad.

She feels very uncomfortable but she can’t change the status quo in a short period of time.

Because it had been a long time ago, she herself was not even sure anymore what kind of image she actually had in front of Shen Liuchen.

Doing things and speaking, all was done timidly and with fear.

Feeling very aggrieved no matter how she thinks about it.

She has not yet figured out how to change her current situation, and Shen Liuchen has not given her much opportunity to explain.

He answered the phone and from what he said, she knew he was going to go out.

Song Jinxi quietly waited for him to finish the call, and then saw him turn his head and said to her: “Xixi has the habit of taking a nap.

Just go back to the bedroom and sleep for at least half an hour.

I will go out first.”

He is really going out.

In other words, they don’t have to take a nap together.

Song Jinxi quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Okay.” She nodded and then asked hesitantly: “Where are you going”

“Before you are sure that you want to play the role of my wife,” Shen Liuchen slowly buttoned back the button that had just been untied, adjusted his sleeves and said, “I can’t tell you my whereabouts.”

Song Jinxi: “Oh.”

He gave her one last meaningful look, then turned around and went out of the door.

After watching him leave, Song Jinxi sat back on the sofa silently, feeling worried for a while.

She always feels that Shen Liuchen now seems to have multiple personalities.

Just now, he was obviously still as mild as a drizzle and as gentle as a breeze.

In the blink of an eye, he just changed into another personality.

In the last second, he was still uttering lewd talk to her, and in the next second he suddenly became cold hearted and even meant to let her go.

He let her think about it but in fact, the meaning is already very obvious.

If she can’t satisfy him in all aspects, he may give up on her, this ‘stand-in’.

As for how satisfied…

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Song Jinxi leaned against the back of the sofa and raised her hand to cover her eyes.

Well, sleeping with him…

Before crossing in, she was still complaining to the system that if the female’s virgin membrane had annual rings like a tree trunk, there would be 24 circles on her current membrane already… Unexpectedly, just after crossing in, the male god already wanted to do  indescribable up and down things with her.

To be honest, when she was reading novels, she also saw some erotic plots.

Many times, when she read the parts where the male lead and female lead rolled the sheets together, she also longed to be treated gently by her future husband.

It’s just that, when it was really the time to experience it…

She really felt very embarrassed.

It’s really hard to take that step.

What’s more, if she really did something with Shen Liuchen now… She was going to the battlefield with the identity as a ‘stand-in’, so she will always feel a little knotty in her heart.

It’s really, very uncomfortable.

After thinking about it, she was a little irritated.

Seeing the mobile phone on one side, she thought it was better to play another game to relax.

Just as she just picked up her mobile phone, the aunt who had been hiding in a place unknown, came out.

“Madam, you’d better take a nap first.” She said.

Song Jinxi silently put the mobile phone on her lap and asked: “Did he ask you to supervise my nap”

The aunt shook her head and said: “No.

Master didn’t ask me to do anything.

It’s just, this is the first time that Master cares about a person so much.

So Madam, it’s better not to let him worry.”

Song Jinxi went upstairs in silence.

She searched for a pen and a notebook in the bedside table, and then began to write a flow chart on it.


Refuse to have s*x with the male god → the male god’s desire is not satisfied and decides to kick her away → GAME OVER.

After writing, she wrote an ‘X’ at the end of the sentence.

Another situation——


Reluctantly had s*x with the male god → the male god was dissatisfied with her performance and decided to kick her away → GAME OVER.

This will not work either.

She put down the pen, rolled around on the bed with the quilt in her arms, and an idea suddenly flashed through her mind.

That is——

Why does she have to mind the identity of a ‘stand-in’


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