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“Just because I am her husband.” Shen Liuchen finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Then he threw the mobile phone back into Song Jinxi’s arms.

Song Jinxi bit her lip.

“Why do you say I want to resign I don’t want to just stay at home and be a full-time wife.”

“If you want to work, you can go to Jinyu.” Shen Liuchen said indifferently.

“How can this——” How can this be the same

Song Jinxi was a little unhappy.

If she works in his company, and goes in and out with him, people will say that she has come in through a connection.

If she doesn’t go in and out with him, and still has to avoid him every day in order not to arouse suspicion, she doesn’t like that kind of feeling too, which

seems like she was having an affair.

“Be more sober, Mrs.

Shen.” Shen Liuchen said, “I can’t even bear to yell at you, so how could I let him”

These words…

Song Jinxi was stunned for a moment.

Her original unhappiness completely disappeared and it was replaced by that kind of stuffy and sour feeling instead.

She suddenly felt a little sour in her eyes too.

She seemed…to have been killed by a single sentence.

Since the divorce of her parents, from the age of ten to the age of twenty-four, from the campus to the society, no one has ever stood in front of her and speak for her in such an absolutely protective attitude.

I can’t even bear to yell at you…

So how could I let him

Seeing her looking at himself with big shining eyes, then lowering her head again, not knowing what she was thinking, Shen Liuchen still resisted and did not come forward to hug her in his arms.

He rubbed her head with his big hand.

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“Let’s go.

There is still work to be done.”

Song Jinxi rubbed her eyes and followed, “What kind of work”

Shen Liuchen did not speak, and Song Jinxi followed him into the car.

This time his assistant was absent and Shen Liuchen actually drove by himself.

Song Jinxi took advantage of the situation and sat in the co-pilot’s seat.

The car slowly drove out of the underground garage.

Shen Liuchen then said: “This villa needs to be renovated.

We have to live in another house for a month.

That house is next to Jinyu’s headquarters.

I seldom live there usually.

Before moving in this time, we need to buy daily necessities first.”

Song Jinxi really wanted to say: You, a dignified president Aren’t all those daily necessities purchased by your assistants Why do you want to purchase it by yourself this time

It’s just that when these words already came to her lips, she still didn’t ask it out in the end.

He can do whatever he wants.

As long as he is happy.

Shen Liuchen played a song.

While listening to the soft and gentle music in the car, Song Jinxi began to think wildly again.

For a moment, she recalled what Shen Liuchen had just said, and felt that the way he said it was very handsome.

At another moment, she thought about how to hook him up tonight.

Then at another moment again, when she thought that she was wearing high quality clothes and sitting in this kind of seemingly expensive sports car, she felt a little nervous for a while.

While she was feeling nervous, she also went to look at the glass of the car window.

She heard that the glass of this high-end car is single-sided.

Those who are outside the car won’t be able to see the inside but those who are inside the car can see the outside scenery clearly.

It’s just that after looking at it for a while, she seemed to see a car behind them through the rearview mirror.

After turning several corners and passing several traffic lights, the car behind them still kept following their car.

“Shen Liuchen…” She poked his arm hesitantly.

She did not notice that this action of hers even caused Shen Liuchen’s gaze to pause.

This was her favorite action when she pestered him in high school.

Because he said he didn’t like the contact with people, she poked him with a pen instead…

Unexpectedly, ten years later, she still likes to use this method to attract his attention.

The corners of his mouth was raised slightly and he even spared a moment to look at her, but only to see that she was seriously looking at the rearview mirror, even her eyebrows were slightly wrinkled.


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