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“What’s the matter” He asked softly.

“There seems to be a silver car following us all the time.”

Shen Liuchen glanced at the rear-view mirror and said nonchalantly: “That’s the assistant and bodyguard.”

Song Jinxi: “… What”

Shen Liuchen did not say any more.

“I was wondering why the assistant disappeared suddenly.

It turns out that he was in the car behind” Song Jinxi was a little surprised.

“He doesn’t have to go to the office”

Shen Liuchen raised his eyebrows slightly and asked her back instead: “That’s a personal assistant.

If he doesn’t follow me, who should he follow then”

Song Jinxi: …So awesome.

He even has a personal assistant following behind his ass to help him do all kinds of chores every day.

Thinking about it, she felt a little jealous.

What to do

Sure enough, you can do whatever you want if you have a lot of money.

It’s just that…

“It doesn’t matter if you have an assistant but why do you even have a bodyguard” Then she asked again, “Do you have many enemies”

“There are countless people who hate me deeply in the market, and there are many who want me to die.

So,” Shen Liuchen took the time to look at her and said, “You must take bodyguards with you too when you go out in the future.”

“They will think I am very important to you.

If they can’t catch you, they will want to catch me and threaten you…” Song Jinxi began to supplement her own brain.

Shen Liuchen did not speak.

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It’s not that ‘they will think’.

She is indeed his life.

The expression in his eyes turned a little cold.

If anyone dares to touch her, he will let that person die without a burial place.

If someone really dares to catch Song Jinxi and threaten him, he doesn’t mind turning all of that person’s family into zombies after he saved Song Jinxi.

Thinking of this, he dispelled the idea of asking the doctor of biology to stop researching drugs.

Originally, after Song Jinxi appeared, he thought about stopping the research.

After all, she had finally returned here, there is no need to turn the world into hell.

He also wants to live well with her and grow old with her.

Now that he thinks about it again, after that thing was successfully researched out, as long as Song Jinxi stays beside him safe and sound, he can keep it in the laboratory.

If something happens to Song Jinxi one day, he will directly take all mankind to be buried with her.

If Song Jinxi knew what he was thinking, she would definitely want to slap herself for making wild assumptions.

While talking, the car slowly drove into the underground garage of Xiyu Shopping Plaza.

Although Shen Liuchen only visited here once a year in the past, the Xiyu Shopping Mall still set up an exclusive parking space for him.

It was usually locked and only when his car came would this parking space be opened.

Shen Liuchen parked the car, and Song Jinxi followed him out of the car and into the elevator.

The second and third basement of the shopping mall are parking garages.

The first basement is a huge self-service supermarket, which is much larger than the self-service supermarkets that Song Jinxi saw in the real world before.

She can’t even see the edge at a glance.

There are a wide range of goods and it looks as if they have everything here.

“Is the whole area over there full of cosmetics” Song Jinxi asked, pointing to the cosmetics area.

After asking, she later realized that she talks too much.

With Shen Liuchen’s attributes, he should not come here often.

It can even be guessed that he may have never been here before.

She asked in vain.

“I want to buy cosmetics.” She said.

Shen Liuchen glanced in the direction she was pointing, thought a little, and said: “There seems to be a special store upstairs, which is better than this kind.”

Song Jinxi glanced at the cosmetics area again.

“But… some of the counters there seem to be very high-end.

Could it be that those brands are a less known and inferior brand” She thinks those logos look very good and there are many women who were picking and choosing in front of the counters.

This should at least worth to be called a small brand.


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