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Maybe it was because they have been standing here for a long time and still seem to be unable to decide.

The assistant who had been behind them neither too close nor too far, came forward and stood behind Shen Liuchen before asking him in a low voice: “Boss”

“Does our company cover the cosmetics area” Shen Liuchen frowned slightly.

The assistant shook his head and said: “Not yet.

Although cosmetics and skin care products currently occupy a large market and have a very good prospect, you have never paid attention to women.

The company executives once had the idea of ​​acquiring a cosmetics brand, but later abandoned it for some reasons.”

“Let them draw up a plan and give it to me the day after tomorrow at the latest,” Shen Liuchen said.

The assistant got it and retreated back to follow them with a distance that was neither too far nor too near along with the bodyguard.

Shen Liuchen led Song Jinxi forward.

Song Jinxi wanted to say something but stopped, then still somehow asked hesitatingly: “That… Are you going to buy a cosmetics company”

“Jinyu will be involved in fields with markets and prospects.

It’s just a matter of time.” Shen Liuchen’s voice was so indifferent that no one could hear anything wrong in it.

Song Jinxi pinched the little meat on her own chin suspiciously.

Why is it that she feels like she doesn’t believe in it at all

He was just about to acquire a clothing brand in the morning, and in the afternoon he already extended his magical claws on cosmetics and skin care brands.

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Is it really not for her

Although it is a little narcissistic to think about it like this, because she thought that she was just a ‘stand-in’ now, he had no reason to be so good to her…

Could it be that he was preparing for ‘Song Jinxi’ in advance If everything is ready now, then when ‘Song Jinxi’ really comes back one day, there will be no need to rush like this anymore…

Is that so

She felt as if she had seen the truth.

In any case, in the end it is still her who will enjoy it.

She has been lacking love in the real world for so many years.

This time, she will let herself fully experience all kinds of love from the male god then.

Anyway, she is Song Jinxi.

She can start to enjoy all of his kindness without any pressure at all.

She was a little excited, and for the first time she felt that once she walked out of the tip of a horn[1], life would become so beautiful.

The entrance to the department store is the area for clothes, shoes and other commodities.

Going a little further in than that is the bedding area.

Then going a little bit further again, is the daily necessities area.

Song Jinxi followed Shen Liuchen, turned and went inside.

In front of them was a whole row of toothpaste and toothbrushes, as well as tooth cups.

Song Jinxi first saw a couple’s tooth cup that can be buckled upside down.

This pair of tooth cups is very cute, with cartoon characters printed on it.

The woman’s tooth cup is pink and the cartoon character is a chibi version of a little girl taking a photoshoot in a white wedding gown.

The man’s tooth cup is blue and the cartoon character that was printed on it is the chibi version of a little boy in black suit.

She took the tooth cups, looked at the inner side and the outer side, then smiled and handed it to Shen Liuchen.

“How about these tooth cups I think it’s so cute.”

The assistant pushed the shopping cart over thoughtfully and followed them from behind.

Shen Liuchen walked over to take over, planning to push the shopping cart himself.

The assistant always felt that his president didn’t want his light bulbs to disturb his couple’s world.

He wisely knew not to speak anything at all and returned to the bodyguard’s side again.

“It’s not only cute, but also very hygienic.

After brushing the teeth every time, we can turn the tooth cup upside down so that the water will not keep accumulating in the cup to breed bacteria.

The toothbrush can be hung in the cup and kept dry when not in use.

Just buy this one then” She continued.

When Shen Liuchen nodded, she happily put the tooth cups into the shopping cart.

[1]  the tip of a horn: an insignificant or insoluble problem.


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