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She stood in place and looked at Shen Liuchen’s back angrily for a while.

But after looking at it for a while, her anger calmed down and she smiled happily instead.

The male god’s walking posture was also very handsome.

As an extreme face-addict, she really can’t be saved anymore.

Speaking of it, today was really magical.

She crossed into this world early in the morning and was caught to be a human experiment.

One second before, she was still racking her brains to escape with the female lead and the next second, she met Shen Liuchen in the coffee shop.

If it was according to her original idea, she thought it might take some time for her to get familiar with the environment first, and then find various opportunities to slowly approach him.

Maybe she could climb into his bed when he was drunk…

Then started a period of vigorous entanglement.

Unexpectedly, Shen Liuchen completely ignored the changes in her appearance and recognized her at first sight.

After listening to her stand-in remarks, he directly grabbed her to get married.

So the two went to meet her parents and even worked together to make up a pregnancy lie.

From the perspective of a ‘stand-in’, they only knew each other for one morning and already pulled the marriage certificate.

This is simply a typical flash marriage.

After that, he bought her clothes, played a game with her and recharged the money in it, forced her to eat pork liver, took her to watch the movie, and then went shopping afterwards…

In just a short time, which was less than one day, so many things happened.

This life is simply too fulfilling.

The most important thing was that she found Shen Liuchen didn’t seem to be as darkened as the system said, but just a little arrogant.

Sometimes she could even hear a hint of tenderness in his tone of speech.

She didn’t know whether it was her illusion or not.

Can a person’s character be splitted

One side is gentle and can treat a person gently while the other side is dark, wanting to destroy the world.

Up to now, Shen Liuchen seems to treat her so meticulously, so she has to work harder to hook him tonight and then blow the pillow breeze, leading it to the topic of biochemical drug’s development, before finally acting coquettishly to make him stop that research…

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The progress of things should be in this direction.

Song Jinxi clenched her fist and hurried to catch up.

The assistant drove the car away before they left, so when going back this time, the bodyguard had to follow in their car.

The bodyguard drove the car, while Shen Liuchen and Song Jinxi sat in the back seat.

Soon after getting in the car, Song Jinxi quietly moved to his side and said: “Can I ask for your help with something”

Shen Liuchen looked at her and raised his eyebrows slightly, with questions on his face.

“It’s the little sister from this morning.

When we were caught earlier, she took me to run away with her.

I think I got along quite well with her.” She said: “Do you know the man who appeared in the coffee shop together with you and took away the little sister this morning”

Shen Liuchen retracted his gaze and didn’t seem to want to answer this question.

Song Jinxi asked again: “Can you help me get the contact information of that little sister”

“I don’t know them.” He said.

Song Jinxi: “…”

“I don’t believe it.” She began to act shamelessly by grabbing his wrist and shook it.

“Shen Liuchen… tell me, please.”

Shen Liuchen was a little moved, and naturally recalled how she had acted coquettishly to him in order to achieve the goal in the past.

He almost couldn’t help revealing his emotions in front of her.

He barely maintained a cool and somewhat indifferent look, and his face looked like a facial paralysis that remained completely unmoved.

“If you don’t know him, how can you two appear in the coffee shop at the same time And when that man took the little sister away, you didn’t even say a word.

You two obviously knew each other.” Song Jinxi continued to shake his arm in a very sincere tone: “I really want to know that little sister.

I think we are really destined.

So just tell me, please.”

Shen Liuchen remained indifferent.

Song Jinxi rolled her eyes and changed her direction: “Otherwise, let’s do it like this.

If you really don’t want to tell me her contact information, then tell me who caught me and her today.

Why did they catch us and also draw our blood Why did they lock us in the room with metal wall on all sides”


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