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Shen Liuchen withdrew his hands and wrapped his hands around his chest.

Then he leaned his head on the back of the chair, closed his eyes and rested.

The meaning of refusing to communicate with her is already very clear.

Song Jinxi was silent.

She felt that this man must be lazy, so he refused to help her.

She obviously just wanted a contact information only.

She also imitated his appearance.

She leaned back on the back of the car seat with her hands holding her shoulders and said angrily: “If you don’t want to tell me, fine.

I will go ask it by myself.”

Shen Liuchen lazily lifted his eyelids and glanced at her obliquely: “How do you plan to get it”

“I seemed to have seen that man at the company’s annual meeting before.

That man may have something to do with our company’s boss…” As she was saying it, her voice became somewhat more lacking in confidence.

She is just a small programmer and now she is even forced to resign.

Anyway, she can’t go back to the company.

It’s impossible to see Shen Liuyu and know Shen Liujue through Shen Liuyu.

What she said was totally whimsical.

Unless she goes directly to Lin Xiaoxiao’s campus gate and meets her by chance…

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That’s right! She slowly sat up straight and felt that she had found her way.

She can pretend to pass by Lin Xiaoxiao’s campus inadvertently.

When they finish their classes and Lin Xiaoxiao comes out, she can go up and talk to her.

But this idea could not be told to Shen Liuchen.

She hummed a little and said: “Anyway, there will always be a way.”

Shen Liuchen couldn’t help but sighed softly and picked up his mobile phone.

After a while, he handed Song Jinxi his mobile phone.

“You add my WeChat first, and I will push her business contact to you.”

Song Jinxi looked at the information he showed.

It should be Shen Liujue who was chatting with him.

Shen Liujue gave Lin Xiaoxiao’s business contact to him.

Her eyes glowed.

Her hands clasped together in front of her chest and she looked at Shen Liuchen with starry eyes: “I knew you were the best!”

Shen Liuchen chuckled.

There is a true smile flowing slowly in the bottom of his eyes, and his deep gaze was somewhat gentle and warm.

Song Jinxi first added Shen Liuchen, gave him a remark with one word ‘Chen’, and then added Lin Xiaoxiao’s WeChat account.

The memo message she gave Lin Xiaoxiao was ‘sisters with revolutionary friendship who got their blood drawn together’.

Lin Xiaoxiao may be right in front of her mobile phone because she passed her friend request in seconds.

Then she immediately sent a cute expression.

With the text message afterwards:

Lin Xiaoxiao: Beautiful Sister! You are really my lifesaver!!! Love you love you love you!

Song Jinxi: “…”

Sitting on the side, Shen Liuchen couldn’t help but glance at her screen.

It’s just that with this one glance, he saw Lin Xiaoxiao saying ‘love you’ three times in a row and his good-looking eyebrows even frowned because of it.

He had never said the three words ‘I love you’ to Song Jinxi yet, but was already robbed first by a little girl

He suddenly wondered whether he would be better off not helping Song Jinxi with the matter just now.

If he did not help her, Song Jinxi might not be able to contact Lin Xiaoxiao…

What a miscalculation.

Out of respect for Song Jinxi’s privacy considerations, he retracted his gaze and didn’t look at it anymore.

He just raised his hand and rubbed his faintly jumping temples.

Song Jinxi was still typing, and Lin Xiaoxiao’s message came again.

Lin Xiaoxiao: Sister, do you know I was still forced to do my homework by my second brother just now.

It was almost time to eat already.

He didn’t let me relax for a few minutes and even said that I was not allowed to eat until I finished my homework.

Fortunately, your husband asked him for my contact information and said you wanted to add me as a friend.

Lin Xiaoxiao: Second brother said that because he was giving ‘my sister-in-law’ a face, he gave me a break of ten minutes and let me chat with you.

Obviously, this morning you are still the beautiful sister that I just met, whom I want to introduce to my brother.

How can you become my sister-in-law now

Lin Xiaoxiao: Second brother refused to explain to me.

Song Jinxi was silent for a moment.

She quietly glanced at Shen Liuchen, and then moved aside.

Song Jinxi: Actually, I’m not very sure either, but I have a guess.


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