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Lin Xiaoxiao: What is it! What is it!

Song Jinxi: My husband and your brother may be cousins, so you really should call me Sister-in-law.

Lin Xiaoxiao: Cousin!

Lin Xiaoxiao: It seems that I have never heard of it!

Lin Xiaoxiao: Let me ask my second brother.

She said so and disappeared for a while.

Lin Xiaoxiao: I see.

I didn’t expect that although my second uncle’s character was not good, the son he gave birth to was very excellent.

I heard that my cousin had a miserable life when he was a child, but he didn’t degenerate.

Instead, he climbed to such a high position today with his own efforts.

As soon as she sent this sentence out, she immediately withdrew it again.

Song Jinxi was silent and actually wanted to say that she had seen them all.

Then Lin Xiaoxiao sent another message.

Lin Xiaoxiao: My cousin is so handsome! He is also rich.

I heard he’s very smart and insightful.

Sister-in-law, you are so good-looking so you should be worthy of such an excellent person like my cousin.

Song Jinxi sent out a smiling expression.

She just finds out that she kind of likes hearing others praise Shen Liuchen.

When she heard them praise Shen Liuchen, it made her happier than they praised herself.

This kind of proud feeling is very heartfelt even when she just thinks about it lightly.

Lin Xiaoxiao: Happy times are always short.

I am so sad, Sister-in-law.

I have to make-up my homework after I finish my meal.

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Song Jinxi: Is there so much homework for the students nowaday It needs make-up all the time.

But it really seems that the third year of high school is much more harder now.

Lin Xiaoxiao: It has nothing to do with the high school’s third year.

It’s all because of my mother.

She doesn’t care about my wishes and asks my several brothers to take turns to make-up for my homework.

From Monday to Thursday, the tutoring subjects are different every day.

They are obviously very busy CEOs, but they can still spare their time to give supplementary lessons for me.

They have even arranged various itineraries for me every day.

Now I only have a little bit of time to rest on Friday and I am very tired from Monday to Thursday.

Lin Xiaoxiao: Fortunately, my eldest brother is not in the country now, otherwise I will be really full from Monday to Friday.

Lin Xiaoxiao: Sister-in-law, can you look for me more if you have nothing to do in the future Let me catch my breath because I really don’t like studying wuwuwuwuwu…

Lin Xiaoxiao: a dog that cry into 100 kg.GIF

Song Jinxi: …

This book transmigrator female lead is too miserable.

It’s just that her schedule is so full.

She should have no time to date the original male lead then.

In this way, the plot of this novel has been completely changed.

In addition, Shen Liuchen is still so darkened.

She doesn’t know whether this world can still be saved or not now.

She suddenly feels a little lost about the future.

She put down her mobile phone and sighed.

Shen Liuchen turned his head and looked at her, “What happened”

Song Jinxi shook her head: “That little sister is too miserable.

Nowadays, the children really study too hard.”

When she finished this sentence, she didn’t say any more and fell into deep thought instead.

Shen Liuchen was not a chatty character either, so he just kept silent.

All the way home, the atmosphere in the car was very quiet.

The bodyguard followed them, took everything into the living room and left quietly.

Song Jinxi first walked to the large floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room and glanced at the outside scenery.

The most conspicuous thing opposite of it was a skyscraper with about 40 or 50 stories, and there was a small sky-blue sign on the top of the building.

The words ‘Jinyu Group’ are written on it.

Low key and atmospheric, it even makes people yearn for it when they see it.

The sky was getting a little dark.

She looked back for a while and looked at the layout of the living room, then she saw Shen Liuchen walk to the bathroom with the bag of daily necessities.

She followed after him.

“Let me do it.” After she finished speaking, she gently pushed Shen Liuchen aside and started to take things out one after another.

Then she puts them in the corresponding places.

The whole process only took more than ten minutes and when she looked again at the originally deserted bedroom and bathroom, it became a bit lively now.

In addition, these were all personally selected by her and she also put them up by her own hands.

So, how can it not give her a strange sense of satisfaction and belonging


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