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She smiled and looked back at Shen Liuchen, and asked in a tone as if she wanted to take some credit from someone else’s achievement: “What do you think These things that I bought are very practical, isn’t it They are practical and lovely.

When we just came in, the bathroom and bedroom were so cold and deserted.

Now they have become a bit lively.

This is what a home should look like.”

What Shen Liuchen liked most was her last sentence, so he nodded in silence.

Song Jinxi never expected this kind of facial paralysis like him to have any big change of expression so she looked around again, feeling very satisfied.

“I will go to cook now.” She said.

“All the ingredients are in the kitchen.” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi made an ‘OK’ gesture to him, then turned and walked to the kitchen.

She is in a good mood and in high spirits so she hums a song while cutting the vegetables.

The vegetables, fruits and meats sent by the assistant looked very fresh, which made her who likes to cook happier.

In the past, when cooking in the real world, she would already be very happy when she could buy the kind of fresh and good-looking vegetables.

It’s just that when she is too relaxed, it’s not a good thing either.

When she was cutting the vegetables, she always felt that there was someone behind her, so she turned her head to look back.

Shen Liuchen leaned against the kitchen door and looked at her quietly.

“You can go to the living room and have a rest.

I will call you when the dishes are ready——” When she hasn’t finished her words yet, the blade of the kitchen knife slanted and made a cut in her index finger.

Although it’s not very deep, it also hurts very much.

She hissed and took in a cold breath, then put down the knife, held her hand and put it under the faucet, trying to flush the blood away.

Shen Liuchen walked up quickly, grabbed her hand, and as he watched the bright red blood slowly overflowing from her hand, his eyes slowly turned dark.

The aura he exuded from his whole body was a little cold, so Song Jinxi wanted to comfort him.

“It’s just a small cut.

Just stick a band aid…” Before she could finish her words, she saw Shen Liuchen looking up at her.

His gaze almost frightened her into subconsciously taking a step back.

The gaze was crazy, sinister, and mixed with all kinds of negative emotions in it.

His eyebrows furrowed and his thin lips were tightly pressed together.

His expression looks like he is about to kill someone.

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Song Jinxi’s heart subconsciously missed a beat, and she was even more afraid now.

She seemed to finally see the side that was hidden by Shen Liuchen.

And the trigger——

Is her blood.

She opened her mouth several times, swallowed her saliva time and again, before she finally whispered out:

“Shen… Shen Liuchen…”

Shen Liuchen only glanced at her and then lowered his eyes again.

He lowered his head and licked the blood from her fingertips, and the oppressiveness in the bottom of his eyes flashed by.

Song Jinxi was dragged out of the kitchen by him.

When he held her hand, he would often lose control of his strength from time to time and it made her feel a little painful.

But he kept being silent and the aura he exuded all over his body was so terrifying that Song Jinxi didn’t dare to say anything and had to endure it instead.

She was pressed to sit on the sofa by him.

Then she watches him take out the first aid kit box in the cabinet under the TV.

Then he silently disinfected her and put the band-aid on her.

Except for the glance just now, his behavior seemed normal afterwards.

It’s just that he was too silent.

The low aura he exudes all over his body seemed to have substance, which made her heart in a mess and she was uncomfortable with it.

After treating her wound, he took off her apron.

While holding it, he turned and went into the kitchen silently.

There was no sound in the living room, only a dead silence.

Song Jinxi watched his back disappear at the kitchen door, looked down at the box of first aid kit on the coffee table, then gently rubbed the band-aid, and recalled his previous gaze just now in her mind.

Her mood can’t stop becoming heavier.

She has this feeling like something bad is going to happen.

She got up and wanted to go there to have a look.

Before she was even halfway there, she suddenly heard the sound of various things crashing on the ground from the kitchen, as well as the harsh and crisp sound of the kitchen knife falling on the floor…

She walked quickly to the door of the kitchen and saw the mad figure of Shen Liuchen sweeping everything down onto the floor.

Not to mention that the neatly arranged kitchen was messed up by him, he even stepped on the kitchen knife that hurt her with his feet.


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