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“Shen Liuchen…” She stood at the door hesitantly, and walked over probingly.

After turning his head, Shen Liuche heard her voice and strode forward, held her shoulders and pressed her against the wall.

The man’s gloomy eyes locked her tightly, and the strength of his hands pressing on her shoulders was a little bit too strong.

Song Jinxi frowned uncomfortably, but didn’t push him away.

She still thought too naively this afternoon.

Just because Shen Liuchen showed a normal side in front of her, she thought what the system said was an alarmist talk.

Taking a step back, even if she believed that the system was telling the truth, she still happily thought that Shen Liuchen would be fine because she appeared, and those paranoid and gloomy personalities would disappear.

It’s all just what she believed in her mind.

Now, it seems that what caused him to lose control is her shedding a little bit of blood only.

Was it because the circumstances in which she died in front of him the previous two times were so miserable, which caused him to have a psychological shadow now, so as long as he saw her bleeding, he would go crazy

She was not sure whether her guess was true either.

She always thought it was possible in all likelihood.

Shen Liuchen looked at her with a deep gaze, bringing a touch of forbearance in the darkness.

Song Jinxi slowly stood on tiptoe and raised her hands, circling them around his neck.

“I’m fine, Shen Liuchen.” Her voice was flat as she tried to calm his emotions.

“It’s just a scratch wound and will heal soon.”

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She didn’t know.

Her words that entered into Shen Liuchen’s ears, although they were clear, they seemed to be far away too.

The moment he saw the blood slowly spilling from her hand, the first thing that came to his mind was the picture of the girl lying in his arms with blood on her chest and slowly dying.

She died before she finished speaking.

He could only watch her life go by and there was nothing he could do at all.

Just like the previous two times.

Every time, it was like that.

He can only helplessly watch it… Helplessly watch her die in front of him time and again.

The first time, he was still young.

He only remembered her purple face.

The second time, he was drugged and his mind was clouded.

Standing in front of the window to let the wind blow onto him, he tried so hard to stay calm, but unexpectedly saw her figure.

He couldn’t tell whether it was an illusion or a reality, so he subconsciously rushed towards her.

When he found that he had hit someone, he suddenly became sober.

But the drug that Zhang Meigui gave him is a drug that causes hallucination.

He held her body and saw that she seemed to be smiling at him.

She smiled and said to him to not be afraid and not to be sad either.

The police will come to help him soon…

Later, when he woke up and recalled this memory, those memories seemed to be false but also seemed to be true, and he couldn’t distinguish at all which were his hallucinations and which were real.

All he knew was that he personally killed the girl he loved.

If it were not for thinking that she might come back, he would have ended his life a long time ago and followed her after he woke up.

He waited for three years, but what he finally got was the ending where she died in his arms as soon as she appeared.

The third time she died, he was sober and had grown up.

His mind was extremely calm.

He watched her slowly die in his arms like that.

The blood flowed down and dyed his clothes red…

He hugged her tightly at that time and let the blade of the dagger that pierced her chest stab him in his chest as well.

But the bone breaking pain could not wake him up.

If it was not because he still had the same weak belief that supported him, the delusion that she would come back… And this weak belief supported him to wait for another ten years.

Now, she is back.

But he had no idea at all about what she was going to suffer again in his stead this time…

Will she leave again because of some reasons

Thousands of ways of dying came to his mind, either initiated or accidental ones.

He slowly encircled the body of the woman in his arms and tightened his strength.

Song Jinxi waited for a long time and still didn’t get his reply.

She somewhat hesitated.


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