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Shen Liuchen narrowed his eyes and looked into her eyes.

Seeing that she was really making a guarantee very seriously, he slowly let go of her and walked away to open the door in silence.

It was the personal assistant who came in.

After the assistant came in, he went to clean up the kitchen without saying a word.

Song Jinxi couldn’t help sighing when she saw his busy figure occasionally appear at the door of the kitchen.

This assistant is really omnipotent.

Shen Liuchen went back to the bedroom.

When he came out, he stood aside while wearing a tie and asked: “What do you want to eat tonight”

Song Jinxi glanced at the kitchen.

“Are we going to prepare it again by ourselves” She pursed her lips.

“Although I accidentally cut my hand just now, I can’t do anything except washing vegetables.

I can still cut and stir vegetables.”

Shen Liuchen sneered, “You are not allowed to get close to the kitchen anymore in the future.”

Song Jinxi: “”

She quickly stood up and said: “You can’t deprive me of my right to cook.”

Shen Liuchen sneered again before lowering his head to tidy up his cuffs.

He half raised his eyes to look at her and a mocking smile arose from the corners of his mouth.

“Su Xiuxiu, don’t forget it.

You are just a stand-in.” His tone was cruel and then he said word by word: “Don’t talk to me about your rights.”

Song Jinxi: “I——”

“With me, you have nothing but the right to live.” He said.

Song Jinxi almost stomped her feet in anger.

Obviously, this man still spoiled her a little bit in the afternoon.

Just because she was hurt when cutting vegetables, he began to be so shady and strange.

Anyone who listened to it would also be angry.

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Song Jinxi just can’t completely ignore etiquette.

It’s just that considering that he may still be angry and she can’t reason with him at all for the time being, Song Jinxi choked back her own words and comforted herself in the bottom of her heart to not lower herself to the same level with people who are madly angry.

After all, the reason why he was so angry and reacted so much to her injury was also because of her.

Seeing that she did not refute, Shen Liuchen turned and walked to the hallway to change his shoes

But a trace of annoyance flashed through the bottom of his eyes.

He didn’t want to talk to Song Jinxi in this tone, but as long as he thought of her bleeding, he just couldn’t control himself.

Totally out of control.

The so-called self-control is a joke in front of her safety.

As long as he thinks that maybe one day she will die in his arms again and he also doesn’t know which day she will suddenly leave him, she is just like a kite without a line.

Although she often appears in front of him, she doesn’t belong to him completely.

As long as she wants to leave, he can’t keep her at all.

This feeling of insecurity almost drives him crazy.

When she stands in front of him safely, quarrels with him and gets angry with him, his emotions will calm down.

Just like this afternoon, his mood has always been stable.

However, as long as she has any minor problem, he would easily fall into a frenzied mood.

Even to the point of saying some very bad words to hurt her.

If he can’t confirm her identity soon, he is really going crazy.

However, based on her attitude so far, the possibility of letting her take the initiative to explain her origin is almost zero.

When they were in the car on their way to the food street, Shen Liuchen was very silent all the way.

Song Jinxi was so angry at his attitude that she didn’t want to talk to him.

There was a strange silent atmosphere in the car.

When they arrived at the food street, Song Jinxi took a fancy to several restaurants that looked delicious, but they were all rejected by Shen Liuchen.

Shen Liuchen said that they can only eat porridge today on the grounds that her hand was injured…

Song Jinxi reluctantly followed him into a porridge shop.

She even had no right to order food and Shen Liuchen was the one solely responsible for it.

It was just that the taste of the porridge was quite good.

It was surprisingly in line with her taste so Song Jinxi couldn’t help but eat another extra bowl, which filled her stomach so much to the point of bursting.

After dinner, their car drove back to the gate of the community.

Before entering the underground garage, Song Jinxi rubbed her belly and looked at the community garden.

“I want to go for a walk to help digest the food.

I will go back after two laps.

Otherwise I will be too full and it’s a little uncomfortable for me.”


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