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“Be good.” He whispered in her ear: “It won’t hurt.”

The gentle voice almost made Song Jinxi’s eyes wet.

From childhood, since her parents divorced, she has always hoped to have such a person who would hold her when she was injured and let her not be afraid, tell her white lies and lie to her that it doesn’t hurt.

It’s just that she has been looking forward to it for so long, from ten years old to twenty-five years old, a hope that lasted for fifteen years…

Until this time when she finally found this warmth.

It was this warm embrace of the host who was tortured by her so miserably that he easily gets irritated now.

She clenched a fist with her left hand and the ten fingers on her right hand tightly clasped Shen Liuchen’s hand.

She nodded in his arms, then shook her head again and said: “With you here by my side, I am not afraid of anything.”

Shen Liuchen’s hidden irritable personality may only be saved by her gentle push.

In the future, she will often say some sweet words to him to see if she can make him forget those painful experiences before.

It’s just that the face slap came too fast.

In the first second she was still saying that she was not afraid of anything and in the next second, when the doctor was treating her wound, it was so painful that she gasped.

She can’t control it at all and even her body trembles slightly.

However, she is also afraid that Shen Liuchen will be angry and worried.

After the first time she felt so painful that she couldn’t help but inhale the cold air, she has been holding back without making any more noises and tries her best to control her body, not letting it tremble.

However… this kind of thing is not something that she can control at all.

Shen Liuchen slid his hand that was on the back of her head onto her back and patted there lightly to comfort her.

“Lighter.” He said.

Doctor Xu paused and looked up at Shen Liuchen hesitantly.

“President, disinfection is necessary.

This pain can only be endured.

If it is not disinfected properly, it may be dangerous later.” He said.

“I don’t know what kind of thing that cut the flesh in Madam’s leg, so to be on the safe side, there may be a need for a tetanus injection.”

Song Jinxi turned her head in his arms, looked at the wound and said: “The movement was too fast at that time and there was no time to see what kind of thing that cut me.”

Doctor Xu hesitated even more: “Then, the tetanus injection…”

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“Do it.” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi also nodded in agreement: “That’s right.

Better do it to be on the safe side.”

Song Jinxi keenly noticed that after she said these words, Shen Liuchen’s hand that was clasped with her moved very slightly.

After disinfecting the wound, Doctor Xu made a simple bandage for her and then gave her a tetanus injection.

“Tomorrow I will come again to change Madam’s dressing.

Don’t let the wound have any contact with water when taking a bath.

Don’t eat spicy, cold and acidic food.

Don’t drink coffee, tea and wine.”

“Okay.” Song Jinxi nodded to him, “Thank you, Doctor.”

“Then I will leave first.”

After saying so, Doctor Xu then carries the medicine box and is sent out by the assistant.

Song Jinxi’s leg was resting on the coffee table just like that.

Shen Liuchen kept looking at the calf that was wrapped like a mummy and returning to his previous appearance.

Not moving at all.

Song Jinxi found a comfortable position in his arms, took out her mobile phone and played with it, wondering how to quickly restore Shen Liuchen’s emotions.

It will take some time for her leg to heal.

If Shen Liuchen keeps being like this during her injury period… he may become more abnormal.

She held Shen Liuchen’s face in both hands and lowered his head down, then waved her hand in front of him to attract his attention.

Shen Liuchen looked at her without any expression.

Song Jinxi hurriedly smiled at him and said: “Shen Liuchen, it’s still too early to go to bed.

Let’s play games together, otherwise it will be so boring.”

Shen Liuchen refused her proposal with silence and his eyes returned to her leg again.

It’s just that the focus of that eye doesn’t seem to be on her leg.

She doesn’t know what he is thinking.

His appearance like an autistic child seemed too distressing for her.

Song Jinxi sighed and wondered how to deal with it.


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