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It’s okay if he speaks it out because she can still explain it point by point to him and try to make him feel at ease…

But he didn’t say anything at all and she didn’t know how to ask him either.

Ask him why he reacted so strongly

If this question comes out and it reminds him of his previous memory more deeply, then it will be just like lifting a stone and simply shooting herself in the foot.

She even felt that she might need to find some time to take Shen Liuchen to see a psychiatrist.

The psychological shadow is too big and it will easily make him become an abnormal person.

… It’s all that garbage system’s fault.

The assistant was still making a call in front of the floor-to-ceiling window not far away.

Because it was a little far away and his voice was also being suppressed a little bit, as if he didn’t want to disturb them, Song Jinxi couldn’t hear what he was talking about.

After thinking about it, it seems that there is no way to make Shen Liuchen become lively in a short amount of time.

Song Jinxi just sighed and clicked on the game icon.

She now has some expectations.

She hopes that her performance in playing games can attract Shen Liuchen’s sight and attention.

So she played this round of game very seriously and even made complaints about all kinds of funny stalks from the beginning to the end, abruptly turning a game into a talk show for game anchors.

It was a pity that Shen Liuchen didn’t pay attention to her at all even after she performed the whole performance.

His eyes are always on her calf.

Song Jinxi took another player’s head again and suddenly felt that the game was boring.

At this moment, the player opposite her came to catch her.

She gave up resisting and was taken away by the wave.

The screen went dark.

While waiting for the resurrection, Song Jinxi put her mobile phone on one side of the sofa, sighed and fell into deep thought.

It was also at this time that the assistant finally finished the phone call and walked over.

He said to Shen Liuchen: “All the videos have been processed.

The branch’s side seems to want to intervene, but it is blocked by people from the Shen family.”

No wonder the assistant never left but made a call over there instead.

It turned out that he was dealing with the follow-up of this matter.

Song Jinxi recalled the incident just now.

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A lot of people were watching just now, and many people picked up their mobile phones to record it too.

It was just that the situation was too urgent at that time.

What she cared about most was Shen Liuchen’s emotions.

She couldn’t find time to care about the people around her.

She didn’t think deeply either about the impact if the video of Shen Liuchen’s violence spread out.

As the president of a large multinational company, if his mentally abnormal and violent side is exposed, it will have a great impact on the image of their company.

It’s just that she didn’t explain this to the assistant and Shen Liuchen didn’t seem to mention it from the beginning to the end either.

In other words, this is the assistant’s own decision.

In other words again, the assistant in front of her may not be as simple as she thought…

At least not an ordinary personal assistant.

The gaze she uses to look at the assistant couldn’t help but have a little bit of measuring in it.

“The little boy’s mother is a housewife and his father is an executive of a company under Jinyu’s management.

At present, he has been fired by the company and blocked by the entire industry.

X city will have no place for him anymore.” The assistant said.

Does it need to be so cruel

Song Jinxi couldn’t even pay attention to the game anymore.

While picking up the phone and pretending to be playing the game, she actually listened to the assistant very seriously.

After he finished saying this, Shen Liuchen finally moved.

He slowly took Song Jinxi’s hand and gently dropped a kiss on the back of her hand.

His tone was very low: “I want him dead.”

“No.” Song Jinxi casually threw her mobile phone on the sofa and turned to look at him.

No matter who Shen Liuchen wanted to kill right now, she can’t just watch Shen Liuchen murder someone.

Whether he did it himself or told his men to do it.

No matter what bad things Shen Liuchen did in the past, from now on, as long as she is still by his side, she can’t just watch him bear a human’s life on his back.


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