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Before her parents were divorced, her father never put her to sleep.

She had her own bedroom and small bed, and she already slept alone since she could remember things.

Sometimes, when she hears other children say that their parents will sleep with them, she would be very envious of them.

But later when she grows up, she feels embarrassed instead, and later again, she has no chance at all anymore.

And now, for the first time sharing a bed with the opposite sex, it may be because she was forced to go to bed too early that she harbors resentment and doesn’t feel nervous at all.

Shen Liuchen slightly adjusted his posture and blocked the bedside lamp.

Song Jinxi was shrouded in his shadow, completely unaffected by the light.

Song Jinxi would certainly be moved by such considerate little moves at other times… but it’s a pity that she can’t feel moved at all right now.

It’s only less than eight o’clock but he has to let her sleep already.

Thinking that she is a night owl who often stays up until eleven or twelve o’clock, she can’t stand this kind of time difference at all.

Song Jinxi grabbed the blanket with both hands and looked pitifully at Shen Liuchen’s side face.

The light shone from his side and his side face was all in the shadow, but it looked more three-dimensional and there’s a sense of charm in it.

Forgive her for using the word charm.

Men often say that women are charming when they look at women, and the same is true when women look at men, but they are different in terms of wording.

They usually use descriptions similar to ‘man’s charm’.

So handsome…

Song Jinxi’s mind is full of these two words.

How can he be so handsome…

It’s just that his character is too crooked.

She held the blanket in her hand and called him in a small voice.

“Shen Liuchen.”

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Shen Liuchen’s movement of turning the pages paused, but he still ignored her.

“Shen… Liu… Chen…”




Her voice is kind of soft.

It sounds sweeter and much more lovely when she deliberately shows her cute side.

Shen Liuchen finally looked over.

Song Jinxi looked at him pitifully and said: “Don’t kill anyone, okay”

Shen Liuchen turned his head back in silence.

This time, he really ignored her no matter how she called him.

Song Jinxi stretched out her hand and gently pulled his sleeve.

“Can you promise me Shen Liuchen , please, please, really please, don’t kill anyone…”

After she pleaded for more than ten minutes, Shen Liuchen finally put down the documents in his hand, got up and walked out.

After a while, he came back with a glass of water and silently put it on the side of her bed board.

Song Jinxi: “…” Okay, you are ruthless.

After speaking for so long, she was indeed a bit thirsty.

So she slowly got up, half supported herself and took a drink before laying back down again.


She babbled and babbled, and as she babbled, she actually babbled out a little sleepiness for herself.

She turned her head and looked at Shen Liuchen’s face, and her eyes began to struggle between closing and opening… but her mouth was still murmuring.

Hearing her voice gradually weakening, Shen Liuchen finally turned his head and glanced at her.

Seeing her lovely and persistent appearance, Shen Liuchen, whose face has been very serious since this afternoon, finally showed a gentle color in the bottom of his eyes.

Song Jinxi kept looking at him with her eyes half-open and half-closed.

When she saw the little change in his expression, she thought she was hallucinating and a trace of sleepiness in her suddenly ran away.

She rubbed her eyes.

“Can you promise me… Shen Liuchen Killing is illegal, even if it is not you who does it, it’s not good to carry the sin of killing a human on you either.

We still have to live a long life together.

If you really kill people, I will have nightmares… Do you really have the heart to see me having nightmares every night…”

She kept chattering.

Shen Liuchen put down the documents in his hands, propped one of his hands on his ear and leaned a little closer towards her.

“You have been refusing to sleep.

Do you want to exercise instead”

Song Jinxi blinked her eyes.

She was a little nervous, quietly squeezed the blanket tightly and looked at his eyes seriously: “Can doing the exercise let me blow the pillow breeze to let you put down this idea”


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