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She acted too cooperatively, completely different from the two routes she wrote on the paper at noon today.

The first one is ‘refuse to have a relationship with him’ and the second one is ‘have a relationship with him reluctantly’.

It can be seen that she still resisted this matter before this afternoon.

Then why did she suddenly stop resisting now

Today is the first day of her appearance.

There have been two small accidents in a row and they all had blood scenes in it.

Even if she keeps emphasizing in his ear that she will stay with him forever this time and will not leave him anymore, he still can’t be rest assured about it.

He dared not believe what she said.

And only in just a few short hours, her attitude changed so suddenly.

Did she also notice something…

So she anxiously wants to be with him and give him a baby.

After completing her goal this time, will she just leave again

Song Jinxi didn’t know what Shen Liuchen was thinking at all.

She only saw his expression that seemed a little more relaxed, then slowly became nervous and dangerous again before looking at her thoughtfully, as if wanting to see through her…

She couldn’t figure it out and can only carefully recall what she had just said.

She didn’t seem to have said… anything sensitive just now…right

That man’s mood is too constant, but his mind is very complex.

She can’t guess anything at all.

Song Jinxi even somewhat felt like weeping but had no tears.

She is still criticizing in her heart, that the grown-up male god is really not cute at all.

Those good-looking male protagonists written in the novel with changeable temperament and tsundere personality… are all fake.

Only through personal experience can one know how difficult it is to deal with people with changeable temperament.

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No matter how handsome, it will still be so difficult to deal with.

The appearance has no effect on the degree of difficulty.

She was still complaining in her heart but heard Shen Liuchen slowly say: “Su Xiuxiu, I will never give you a child in this life, so…”

He said so and sat back.

“Don’t try any attempt, let alone annoy me easily.”

Song Jinxi: “…”


Can’t blow the pillow wind now.

She sighed faintly, but saw Shen Liuchen holding a remote control and pressing it.

Then suddenly, there was a soft sound of music in the bedroom.

It’s a piano piece with a particularly relaxing rhythm.

For someone like Song Jinxi who was already a little sleepy, it is completely the lullaby of lullabies.

It is estimated that she won’t be able to succeed tonight so she will just try harder again tomorrow morning.

Even if Shen Liuchen wants to arrange an accident to kill the little boy, he won’t do it tonight either.

After all, it’s not that easy to design an accident well.

Song Jinxi yawned and fell asleep slowly in response to her own sleepiness.

Noticing that she was silent for a long time, Shen Liuchen put the documents that had not been turned even a page on the bedside table, turned off the music and then turned off the lights.

He and Song Jinxi each have a blanket covering their body, but his blanket is actually big enough to cover two or even three people.

He whispered softly in her ear.

Seeing that she had no response, he is sure that she is indeed asleep already.

Then he quietly lifted her blanket and gently gathered her into his arms.

He held her and stretched out one of his hands to rest her neck on his arm while his other hand held the back of her hand and clasped her fingers as he placed it in front of her abdomen.

Her back was against his chest, and her gentle breathing sounded in his ear.

Shen Liuchen’s eyes became deeper and he kissed her little head, moved towards her, and hugged her without any gap left between them.

What’s in his arms, is his entire world.

“Don’t have any more accidents, Xixi.”

The man’s suppressed low voice sounded in the bedroom, with a hint of prayer in it.

“I can no longer bear any risk of losing you.”

He has been waiting long enough…

Eight years, three years, and ten more years.

A full twenty one years.

If she leaves again this time, even if there’s a belief that lets him keep waiting for her, he can’t wait anymore this time.

He is too tired.

Sometimes he even wants to die with her, not wanting to bear any risk and pain of losing her again.

But when he saw her smiling face, it seemed that no matter what kind of injury he had suffered, no matter what kind of shadow he had in his heart, in the end he still has such a glimmer of hope——


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