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“Brother Chenchen, you carried me so steadily that I almost fell asleep.” She said and really yawned.

“Just sleep if you are sleepy.” Shen Liuchen said.

Song Jinxi gently shook her head: “No, I can’t sleep by myself.

You already carried me so strenuously, how can I just sleep so easily We should share the weal and woe together.

Shen Liuchen didn’t answer her, but gently lifted her up.

His expression unknowingly softened.

“Let’s find a cave.

Shall we sleep in it for a night” Before Shen Liuchen could answer, she asked again, “Will there be a cave here Are there wolves and snakes in the cave …forget it.

Let’s not go to the cave.

Let’s just go down the mountain quickly and find Uncle Police.

He will find us a place to sleep.

Song Jinxi waited for a long time, but he didn’t speak, so she couldn’t help but called him again.

“Brother Chenchen”

She then heard Shen Liuchen asked: “Uncle Police and me, who do you like better”

……is this a question

Who is more beautiful between the said beautiful person in the legend and me

My mother and I, who are you going to save first

Song Jinxi then suddenly sobered up, rubbed his neck socket with her head, and said sweetly in a delicate voice: “Of course I like you, Brother Chenchen.

I like you the most in the world.

I like you the most, most, most, most!”

Shen Liuchen: “Then…”

Song Jinxi stopped moving, but he didn’t continue it.

“What is it actually” She lowered her voice a little bit.

The little girl’s voice was clear and pleasant to hear.

She lowered her voice a little and it made her look even more lovely.

However, she also suspected that it is a bit too cute.

Song Jinxi finished this sentence and closed her mouth hurriedly, thinking that it is better not to sell cuteness in the future.

Shen Liuchen seemed very hesitant.

After a long time, he continued: “Then if I don’t take you to Uncle Police, but take you to other places…”

Song Jinxi: “Do you want to abduct and sell me” It just blurted out of her mouth.

Shen Liuchen: “…”

Song Jinxi laughed dryly for a while, “I said that as a joke.”

But she feels a little uneasy.

The little male god seems to have more affection for her than what she thought.

He even wants to take her to live alone together.

This will not be easy.

She’s the one who’s going to die soon!

The system explained to her before she entered the novel world.

Once she solved the problem of Shen Liuchen’s broken leg, it would immediately arrange for her to die.

So, she can say that she has a knife hanging around her neck, which may fall down at any time.

She really couldn’t give Shen Liuchen a promise at all.

What’s more, Shen Liuchen likes her so much now.

If she really died, won’t she stab another knife in his heart again

But after she entered the novel world, the system was disconnected from her, and she never tried to summon the system.

Now it seems that she needs to discuss her whereabouts with the system.

It’s better not to die in front of Shen Liuchen.

Not dying in front of him.

With this in mind, she tentatively called the system twice in her heart, without waiting for any response.

However, Shen Liuchen asked her in a tentative tone: “Don’t you like it”

Song Jinxi’s heart tightened.

She was still thinking about how to tell him in a tactful way, so that he would not think about growing up with her.

Suddenly, the world turned around and she and Shen Liuchen rolled down the hillside together.

Song Jinxi was so scared that she wanted to scream, but as her body was rolling down the mountain, she suddenly hit a stone on the back of her head.

The scream in her mouth was then swallowed alive and it turned into a muffled grunt.

In a panic, Shen Liuchen reached out and hugged her in his arms, held her tightly with both hands, and took her to avoid the next collision.

Until the two rolled down to the bottom of the slope, Shen Liuchen kept her tightly guarded.

She could even hear his occasional grunt or two.

Song Jinxi was too anxious.

As soon as their bodies stabilized, she used her hands and feet together and got up to see Shen Liuchen’s injuries.


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