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Song Jinxi showed a face full of indifference: “How can it be so serious It’s just a scratch and it only hurts the flesh, not the bones.

I can still walk.”


Shen Liuchen’s footstep stopped and he looked at her eyes seriously.

“This is my biggest concession.

Don’t be willful, okay” His voice is low and deep, with a hint of tenderness and seduction in it.

This voice, this look…

It’s too gentle.

So gentle that it feels against the rule.

Especially when he was looking at her closely and seriously, her small face was reflected in that pair of black eyes, and only her figure was there.

It somewhat gave her the illusion that she is his entire world.

Song Jinxi covered her face with both hands and dared not look again, afraid that she would fall completely…

But in fact, she had already fallen since long ago.

Having a husband that is too handsome and has a good voice is not completely a good thing either.

Sometimes, when they have a disagreement, as long as he just somewhat seduces her with his handsomeness, she will give in involuntarily.

She has no bottom line and integrity at all.

She despised herself deeply in the bottom of her heart, then her head seemed to have its own consciousness and nodded.

Her voice also seems to have its own consciousness, and it responded with a small mosquito-size voice: “Yeah.”

After saying so, she turned her head to Shen Liuchen’s chest and looked at the button on his chest.

She doesn’t dare to look at his face again.

She didn’t know that all her expressions and behaviors had just been taken into the bottom of Shen Liuchen’s eyes.

After a brief period of thoughtfulness, a clear look appeared at the bottom of his eyes.

The corners of his mouth were even slightly curved upwards.

He seems to have found a new way.

How to deal with her after he can no longer force her to do all kinds of things under the pretext of a ‘stand-in’.

Putting her gently at the door of the bathroom, Shen Liuchen raised his hand and gave Song Jinxi, who was still in a trance, a killer move.

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“Be quick then.

Eating breakfast too late is not good for your health.” He said.

Song Jinxi nodded stiffly.

After Shen Liuchen turned and left, she held her face and relaxed for a while.

She has to adapt to his gentle attack quickly, otherwise… Every time he is a little gentler, she will be defeated.

She feels like this seems a little silly.

In fact, it was only a short interval of half an hour since Shen Liuchen wanted to die with her wholeheartedly until the time when he had shown a gentle attack towards her.

In this half an hour, his attitude obviously has changed too much.

It was normal that she couldn’t turn back to her usual self for a while because of it.

She thought like this and she was still absent-minded when brushing her teeth, still condemning Shen Liuchen in the bottom of her heart that he was really too foul.

He is already too handsome and has a nice voice too.

If he looks at her with gentle eyes, and talks to her with a gentle voice too, coaxing her, then, whatever he wants her to do, she will definitely be willing.

And he coaxed her just to let her have a better rest, to take good care of her body and make the wound heal as soon as possible…

It’s all for her good.

What reason does she have to not be an obedient good baby then

In the past, when she lived alone, whether she encountered difficulties at work or in life, or was bullied, she always had to solve the problem by herself.

But she often couldn’t help thinking that if one day she could just meet such a person.

That person is unconditionally kind to her, could hold her when she is sad, let her cry unscrupulously, give her a solid chest and shoulders for her to rely on…

Even, as a person who attaches great importance to looks, she actually doesn’t have high requirements for her partner’s appearance.

As long as he is not ugly and not too fat, and even if he is somewhat sturdy, she can accept it all.

The main point will be them liking each other and he has to be good to her too.

But now


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