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There is such a handsome male god with a nice voice and such tenderness.

Moreover, all the tenderness is only for her alone…

She may have done something good in her previous life, or her childhood was too miserable, so now God gave her a chance, accidentally bound her with a system and gave her a male god too.


Shen Liuchen leaned against the wall and waited at the door.

After she finished, he carried her with a princess style’s hug and walked back to bed.

Then he picked up the bowl and tried the temperature of the porridge.

When he brought the porridge into the bedroom just now, the porridge had just come out of the pot.

It was still extremely hot and steaming with hot air.

He thought he was going to feed her while blowing on it but unexpectedly, after just half an hour, the temperature was almost just right to be eaten.

It’s neither cold nor hot.

Song Jinxi sat at the side of the bed.

Seeing his appearance like this, she guessed that he seemed to want to feed her porridge.

She hesitated a little.

“Shen Liuchen, I don’t have the habit of eating in bed.” She said.

Even if she eats snacks in bed occasionally, it’s also the kind of snack where crumbs won’t be scattered on the bed.

But she will never eat her meal in bed.

She always feels a little bit unbearable.

She reached out to touch the bowl in Shen Liuchen’s hand and asked: “Have you eaten”

Shen Liuchen’s movement paused.

In fact, he didn’t get up much earlier than Song Jinxi.

Over the years, his sleep quality has been poor, and sometimes he even can’t sleep for an entire night.

Holding Song Jinxi to sleep last night was the best sleep he had in so many years.

He even slept until dawn.

When he woke up, she was still in his arms and snuggled up to him very meekly.

Looking at her beautiful and peaceful sleeping face, he didn’t even want to get up.

He wants to keep holding her and just lie down like that.

Then he held her in his arms and kissed her secretly for a while before the thought that she would have breakfast after she got up appeared in his mind.

He doesn’t want to let her hold the hunger.

Only after that did he get out of bed, tried his best to move lightly and locked her hand again.

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After that, he couldn’t help smelling the fragrance from her face before going to the kitchen contentedly to cook porridge.

Then call the assistant too and ask him to bring the lunch ingredients.

Unexpectedly, after cooking the porridge and returning to the bedroom, Song Jinxi was already awake.

Then a series of things happened, which directly forced her to admit her identity.

It was really a complete surprise.

He has no time to eat at all.

However, he has forced himself to put all his thoughts on his work over the years, for fear that he will think of her as soon as he stops, so he often skips meals in the morning and has long been used to it.

Sometimes he can’t eat a few mouthfuls all day and after work, he can only vent his pain of being unable to get what he wants and the agonizing wait through crazy exercise…

It is also after the physical exercise that consumes his energy can he have a little appetite and take this opportunity to have a full meal.

Such a hunger followed by a full meal was the cause of his stomach problem, but his physical condition was good, otherwise he would not be able to hug her for hundreds of meters without gasping.

Now that she is back, he should not only pay attention on how to stay healthy, but also take her to exercise together.

As long as her body is strong, her body resistance will become stronger.

If she really wants to stay in this world with him and she won’t die suddenly for any reason…

Then, it is essential to exercise and enhance immunity.

Song Jinxi is still seriously concerned about the male god’s body, but she doesn’t know that her male god has made the decision to take her to exercise every day.

“I don’t want you to feed me.” Song Jinxi said.

“I hurt my leg, not my hand.

I can eat by myself.

How about you take me to the table and we can have breakfast together”

She was concerned about him, so naturally, Shen Liuchen would not hesitate and nodded.


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