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No matter which one of them, simply can’t be provoked.

Now that the two of them are standing together, they can’t be provoked even more.

If they have to blame, they can just blame Lin An’an for carelessly provoking the wrong person.

What’s more, even if Song Jinxi is just a mistress, since she can be by Shen Liujue’s side, it means that she can also blow the pillow wind.

The women around the boss, whether they are genuine or not, and whether they can be put on the stage or not, all can’t be provoked.

“Bully people too much” Lin Xiaoxiao asked back and said with a smile, “I never bully anyone casually, but it’s you.

You just splashed my Sister-in-law like this, without even saying a word of apology”

“Sister-in-law” Xu Lili repeated the sentence inexplicably.

Lin An’an even wondered if she had heard it wrong.

With the expression just like them, everyone around was shocked at once too.

What Sister-in-law

It turns out that this woman is not only a mistress, but also the future Second Young Madam of the Shen family who has been identified by Shen Liujue

From their point of view, if he hadn’t had real feelings for this woman, how could Shen Liujue introduce her to Lin Xiaoxiao And how could Lin Xiaoxiao call this woman Sister-in-law in front of Shen Liujue too

Then, whispers started to be heard all around.

As soon as Lin Xiaoxiao said this, Song Jinxi’s expression changed slightly.

Just now, she gave Shen Liuchen a wink from afar, which meant that she didn’t want him to get involved.

She could just deal with Xu Lili herself.

And Xu Lili is indeed not her opponent this time.

If it were not for Lin An’an’s interference, their war would have ended long ago.

She still doesn’t want to expose her identity now, especially in front of Xu Lili.

After all, they still have to meet a lot during the working days.

If Xu Lili knows her identity, it means that the whole project team and even the whole company may know her identity.

Then she won’t be able to experience life peacefully.

Her brain was running at a high speed, and suddenly she thought of a good idea.

She turned around and called Shen Liujue: “Second Brother.”

So everyone present was shocked again.

This ‘Second Brother’ means that she is not Shen Liujue’s woman, but a woman from the remaining sons of the Shen family…

Everyone in X city knows that the Eldest Madam of the Shen family was very capable of giving birth.

When she married the current head of the Shen family for less than two years, she already gave birth to Shen Liuyu, the eldest son of the Shen family.

Nearly two years later, she gave birth to her second son, Shen Liujue.

The two children born in succession were both boys.

Eldest Madam Shen especially wanted a daughter.

Two years later, she gave birth to a pair of twins again.

They were all boys too.

Then about two or three years after that, she gave birth to Fifth Young Master Shen again.

It is said that she originally wanted to give birth again, but because the head of the Shen family was afraid that her body would be broken if she gave birth too many times, he secretly went to have a ligation without her knowledge.

Only then did she cease her fire and did not give birth again…

However, in spite of this, she still wanted a daughter.

She went to the orphanage with the head of the Shen family and adopted three girls.

The youngest among them is Lin Xiaoxiao.

Now that Song Jinxi called Shen Liujue ‘Second Brother’, out of all the sons of the Shen family, who does she belong to

Everyone’s eyes lingered back and forth in front of Shen Liujue and Song Jinxi.

Shen Liuchen even listened to a whispered discussion that said: “Maybe it’s just the taste between them to be called ‘Second Brother’.

There are all kinds of names between lovers.

Doesn’t Young Master Cao often like to hear his mistress call him ‘Dad’”

“Even if it’s just for the taste, it should be called ‘Older Brother’.

What does this ‘Second Brother’ mean anyway”


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