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But before she had the time to look at it intently, a black shadow suddenly straightened up in front of her.

Song Jinxi slowed down and looked over——

“Brother Chenchen, be careful!” She threw herself on him, and a sharp pain came from behind.

Song Jinxi didn’t know how long the poison from the poisonous snake took, but she obviously felt that her vision started to blur.

And also somewhat sleepy.

She really, really wants to sleep.

She saw Shen Liuchen holding her and shaking her body, as if asking what was wrong with her, was she hurt somewhere.

She opened her mouth and found that her ears did not work well.

She saw Shen Liuchen’s mouth moving, but she could not hear any sound.

She struggled to pull out a smile: “Brother Chenchen, I do not feel any pain…just…somewhat, wants to sleep…”

Shen Liuchen was still talking, but she couldn’t hear a word.

She didn’t know what kind of immortal snake that bit her.

It was so poisonous.

Fortunately, she still remembers her obsession all the time.

She reached into her pocket with difficulty, grabbed all the candies, and handed it to Shen Liuchen.

“Brother Chenchen, eat candy…”

“Eating candy… will not feel pain any more… “

“All for you…”

In a daze, she seemed to see Shen Liuchen reaching out and taking the candy in her hand.

Completing the big ‘last wish’, she finally could not hold on anymore, closed her eyes and fainted.

After a while, ‘Song Jinxi’ floated in the air, looking at the little boy hugging the little girl tightly on the ground.

The little girl’s face began to turn blue, and her small lips, which had been pink and tender, had gradually turned blue and purple.

The little boy has a pained expression on his face.

A trace of distress flashed through Song Jinxi’s eyes.

“Couldn’t kill me on the slope, then deliberately got a poisonous snake.

You are really great, system.” ‘Song Jinxi’ said.

The mechanical sound of the system, which had been lost for a long time, sounded in her mind: “my little actions can’t hurt Shen Liuchen.

If he protects you, you can’t die.

Therefore, if this poisonous snake doesn’t work, there will be a lot of surprises waiting for you.”

Song Jinxi: “You are inhuman.”

System: “I’m not a human being anyway.”

On the ground, Shen Liuchen cautiously stretched out his hand, as if he wanted to probe the breath of the little girl in his arms.

But his hand reached halfway and then stopped.

He stared blankly at the front, with his hands slowly held the little girl tightly in his arms, then tighter and more tighter.

His mouth is still muttering: “Wake up.

If you wake up, I will eat the candy… If you are tired, sleep for a while, but you can’t sleep too long…and can’t keep sleeping…you said that you wanted to protect me.

“When you wake up, we will catch that snake and stew it into soup.”

“Is there anyone…is there anyone who can help me, help us… “

He held back his emotions, but still inadvertently leaked out a whimper from between his teeth, just like the whine of a young animal.

Song Jinxi’s heart was broken.

“You put me in such a tragic death, aren’t you afraid that he will be overly sad and continue to blacken” Song Jinxi asked.

System: “The police are already on the way.

I’ll find a way to get rid of your ‘corpse’ after a while.

With the disappearance of the ‘corpse’, the traces of your existence in the novel world will be completely removed.”

“What do you mean” Song Jinxi frowned, with a bitter melon look on her face.

Did it mean the same as what she was thinking about

“It means that Shen Liuchen will not remember you.” The system said.

Song Jinxi opened her mouth, with a more complicated expression on her face.

“You mean, I pretended to be so lovely, then tried so hard to sell my cuteness, and finally had a good impression in front of Shen Liuchen, but in the end, he wouldn’t remember me at all”

The system did not speak.

After a long while of a silence, Song Jinxi finally digested the ‘good news’ that made her sad.

This is indeed ‘good news’.

It is only her who grieved.

She is the only one who has to bear the pain of being forgotten by the male god.

Shen Liuchen does not have to be too sad because of her ‘death’.

This is simply good but not a ‘good news’.

“Give my regards to your mother.” Song Jinxi said with a smile.

System: “I have no mother.”


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