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This morning’s porridge is a porridge with five kinds of grains and there are a lot of whole grains in it.

The color looks very good and it even makes people have an appetite when they see it.

Song Jinxi likes to eat sweet porridge and she usually puts sugar in it when she eats porridge, but she can also accept salty porridge.

What’s more, she can even cook it.

It’s just that if she makes five-grain porridge and lets her eat it with side dishes, she won’t be able to get used to it.

She took a mouthful of porridge, and the sweet smell bloomed on her taste buds, which made her squint her eyes with enjoyment.

“It’s really delicious, Shen Liuchen.

Which breakfast shop made this”

Shen Liuchen lowered his head: “I did it.”

Song Jinxi looked over in surprise.

Seeing that Shen Liuchen kept his head down, as if a little embarrassed, what flashes in her mind in that moment is his immature face in high school instead.

“Unexpectedly, you can cook!” Song Jinxi praised him very generously: “The porridge you made is delicious! I like this corn flakes, red beans, peanuts, and barley.

These are all I like to put in when I cook the porridge myself.

I didn’t expect that what we like would be the same.

Ah, it’s really ‘like-minded people likes to gather together’.”

She thought that she had spared no effort to flatter him and affirmed that the two of them had the same preferences.

By drawing the conclusion that they were very destined, Shen Liuchen would definitely be very happy, or perhaps he will even give her a gentle smile.

Unexpectedly, Shen Liuchen didn’t even lift his head, but said lightly: “Hurry up and eat.”

This blowing of rainbow fart is completely useless.

Song Jinxi sighed at the bottom of her heart.

Then she feels like he has somewhat become a straight man again.

But the delicious food is just in front of her eyes, and she doesn’t think too much about it anymore.

She just sighed and continued to enjoy the food.

She was hungry, too.

She didn’t know that the reason why Shen Liuchen can put all the grains she liked was from the porridge store they went to yesterday.

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At that time when she ordered her food, her eyes stayed in all kinds of whole grains for a while.

Shen Liuchen noticed at that time and quietly remembered what she had seen a few more times.

That’s why she can have this pot of porridge this morning.

The grains were delivered by the assistant this morning.

He kept eating porridge without a pause, but his brain was also running fast.

He suddenly remembered that the assistant might often have to help them buy things in the future.

He has used this assistant for a long time already and didn’t feel much before.

Since Song Jinxi appeared yesterday, a series of things this assistant did seemed to suit his liking.

Why don’t he give him a raise then.

Song Jinxi felt a little full after eating only half of it, but there was still half of the porridge in the bowl.

She slowed down her eating movement while rubbing her stomach.

“What’s for lunch today” Holding the spoon, she looked expectant and said excitedly: “Can you let me cook this noon”

When she finished speaking, she saw Shen Liuchen put down his spoon and wiped his mouth slowly.

Shen Liuchen looked at her with indifferent eyes: “Yesterday, you were deprived of the right to enter the kitchen.”

“Yesterday was yesterday! It was ‘Su Xiuxiu’ who was deprived of the right to enter the kitchen, not me.” Song Jinxi patted her chest and puffed up her chest: “I am Song Jinxi now.

You can’t prohibit me from doing this and that.”

“You will get hurt.” Shen Liuchen frowned slightly.

“As the saying goes, ‘if you often walk by the river, you will get your shoes wet’.

As long as you cook by yourself, you will definitely cut yourself accidentally.

It’s just a matter of how many times.” Song Jinxi quoted the classic scriptures: “If the number of times is too many, it shows that I am really not suitable for cooking.

But it was really an accident yesterday.”

She put on the gesture of swearing an oath and vowed solemnly to Shen Liuchen: “I promise you, if I cut my hand three times in a month, I won’t go into the kitchen anymore.”


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