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Shen Liuchen glanced at her bowl and said, “Finish the porridge first.”

Seeing that he didn’t directly respond to her words, Song Jinxi reluctantly poked the porridge with a spoon and said slowly: “I can’t… I am already full.

There’s too much left but I can’t eat it anymore.”

She also wanted to act like a spoiled child to Shen Liuchen, and wanted to say how about not letting her finish it but Shen Liuchen said calmly: “If you can finish the porridge, I will allow you to enter the kitchen.”

Song Jinxi: “…”

Why does she always have the feeling that Shen Liuchen was deliberately embarrassing her.

But she could not shrink back so easily.

After all, she still wanted to conquer Shen Liuchen’s stomach with her cooking skills.

She held the cleanly licked spoon and pointed it at Shen Liuchen.

“That’s what you said.”

Shen Liuchen raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at her.

It seemed like a provocation, but at the same time also seemed like questioning.

Song Jinxi: “If I can finish eating the porridge, I will cook today’s lunch.”

“Okay.” Shen Liuchen nodded.

Under the watchful eyes of Shen Liuchen, Song Jinxi forcibly stuffed the remaining half bowl of porridge into her stomach.

After eating the last bite, she collapsed on the chair, covered her stomach and let out a long sigh.

“Too full…” She looked at the ceiling.

“One more bite and I can vomit already.”

Shen Liuchen somewhat wanted to laugh instead, but he suppressed it and didn’t show it.

He carried their bowls and walked into the kitchen.

There is an automatic dishwasher in the kitchen so he doesn’t have to wash it himself.

When he came out, he picked up Song Jinxi sideways.

He gently weighed her.

“Sure enough, it’s a lot heavier.” The man’s voice is mellow and pleasant, and seems to have the hint of teasing too in it.

It made Song Jinxi so furious that she immediately glared at him with frowning brows and angry eyes.

“Thanks to whom Isn’t it you who threaten me with this” She said angrily.

Shen Liuchen completely ignored her anger and changed the topic instead: “If you eat more every day, then when I hold you, the feel should be better.”

Song Jinxi: “”

“So, are you despising me for being too skinny now It’s too light to hold and not challenging enough for you” She really can’t believe it.

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Shen Liuchen put her on the sofa.

First he touched the butterfly bone on her back, and said: “It’s indeed too skinny.

It feels a little fragile when hugged.”

Then he moved his hand to her waist and lingered on the gentle arc of her waist for a moment.

“It’s too thin here.

I am afraid I will accidentally break your waist in the future.” He said in an unusually low voice.

Song Jinxi felt that there was something in his words, and her face couldn’t help blushing slightly.

“My waist is very flexible.” She retorted, twisting her waist in front of Shen Liuchen to show her waist’ flexibility: “Such a flexible snake-like waist can’t be broken casually.

Moreover, my figure is just right.

It’s neither thin nor fat.

If I become a little fatter, it won’t look good anymore.”

Shen Liuchen said: “I like fatter ones.”

After he finished speaking, before Song Jinxi spoke, he squeezed her cheek without much flesh on it.

“You used to have baby fat on your face.

It looks more…” Delicious.

In the end, he didn’t say that word out, but paused for a while before he continued: “You are too skinny now.

It’s unhealthy if it is too skinny.”

“But nowadays, slim and skinny beauty is popular.

You’re obviously living in a blessing but not realizing it.” Song Jinxi continued to retort.

“What does their aesthetics have to do with me” Shen Liuchen raised his eyebrows.

“Be obedient.

Eat more and become a little fatter, so that it feels better when I hug you.”

Song Jinxi: “But you can’t force me to eat that much too every day.

My stomach will be broken.”

“Your appetite can be adjusted slowly.

Don’t worry about it.” Shen Liuchen said and handed her mobile phone to her.

“Play a game, be good.”

Song Jinxi: “…”

For the sake of this very gentle and incomparable ‘good’, she endured it for the time being.


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