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But she likes her current figure very much.

It won’t do if he wants her to gain weight.

She will never compromise easily this time!

As soon as they finished their meal, Doctor Xu came.

He helped Song Jinxi remove the gauze.

Seeing that the wound was indeed cracked, he didn’t ask why it was cracked but just quietly helped her deal with the wound and changed with a new gauze to bandage her.

After asking them not to touch the wound again, he left with the medicine box on his back.

As soon as he disappeared at the door, Shen Liuchen happened to take the documents from his study room and walked out.

Song Jinxi couldn’t help sighing to him: “It’s really nice to be rich.

A family doctor can be there on call.

Unlike us poor people who can only go to the hospital if we are injured.”

As she spoke, she suddenly remembered that she once had gastroenteritis before.

When she went to the emergency department in the hospital, she still had to wait in line.

“You know what When I had acute gastroenteritis, I still had to wait in line when I went to the emergency department in the hospital.

I was vomiting and had diarrhea at that time.

They even let me wait in line.

I was so angry that I almost cried on the spot!” Song Jinxi became more and more angry when she thought about it.

“It’s really too inhuman.”

Shen Liuchen took the document and sat next to her, and his focus is once again not on the same point as her.

“Acute gastroenteritis… It seems that your stomach is not good and you need more nourishment.” Shen Liuchen said thoughtfully.

Song Jinxi: “…” Are they going to start the road of health preservation at their young age

Song Jinxi was speechless and opened the game on her mobile phone instead.

Shen Liuchen sat next to her and read the documents.

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Seeing that he is reading very quietly and seriously, Song Jinxi couldn’t help but lean over and take a look, only to find that she could not understand anything, and then retracted angrily.

It happened to be the time to change her hero.

She accidentally saw a muscular male hero, and a bold idea suddenly popped up in her mind.

She chose the short archer she was familiar with.

This time, there are three shooters and two mages in their team.

It is estimated that it will be another round of chaotic game later.

As the game paused for a while, Song Jinxi put her mobile phone aside, leaned quietly against Shen Liuchen, and then glanced at his abdomen.

Then she took another look again.

Shen Liuchen’s attention has been attracted by her ever since she looked over at the document——It can even be said that although he was reading the document, his attention has been divided in two, with half of it on her.

At this moment, she seemed obscure, but in fact, it was obvious that she kept looking at his abdomen, and her eyes were even a little…

He can’t stand it anymore.

Putting the documents aside, he turned and looked at her.

“What are you looking at” If Song Jinxi observes carefully, he can see a hint of danger in his eyes.

But Song Jinxi’s mind is now focused on what she had just thought.

She looked at Shen Liuchen with some shyness and curiosity, and pointed to the direction of his abdomen, “I want to… have a look…”

Shen Liuchen slightly pressed his thin lips.

The original deep gaze was even more black now.

He looked at Song Jinxi meaningfully, “Are you sure”

“Mm-hmm!” Song Jinxi nodded repeatedly, “You are so strong.

You can even hold me from the gate of the community to the downstairs without panting at all.

You must exercise regularly, right”

Shen Liuchen frowned slightly.

He didn’t understand the connection between the two things.

At this moment, the game began.

The sound of the beginning of the game came from the mobile phone.

But Song Jinxi held her face with both her hands and ignored the game.

She blinked her starry eyes and asked him: “How many abdominal muscles do you have”

Shen Liuchen’s expression was slightly stagnant.

It turned out that his mind was crooked…

He thought…


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