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She was obviously not very confident when she said this, but Shen Liuchen did not expose her.

Instead, he made a gentle “um” sound.

Song Jinxi got his affirmation and couldn’t help laughing.

Then she continued to watch him playing the game.

Finally, those teammates began to cooperate with him too.

It seems that wherever he goes, those teammates will subconsciously gather around him slowly.

Later, in a team battle, the opponent’s only shooter was first taken away by Shen Liuchen.

Then Shen Liuchen changed his method again and killed the opponent’s mage, leaving a tank, a support and an assassin of the opponent.

Instead of chasing and killing the escaped support and tank, Shen Liuchen hid in the grass.

The other two shooter teammates are clearing the line.

At this time, the assassin who had disappeared suddenly appeared again and directly took one shooter teammate away.

When he wanted to chase another shooter teammate, he was stunned by Shen Liuchen’s skill for a while.

Shen Liuchen took advantage of such a very short time and after the stun effect wore off, the assassin was beaten to the point that only a trace in the bloodmeter was left and he still wanted to escape, but another teammate took his head in the end.

Shen Liuchen took the surviving shooter teammate and directly pushed down the two towers of the opponent.

The shooter teammate also wanted to steal the third tower.

Shen Liuchen also followed him for a while but after shooting a few arrows, when he vaguely saw the opponent, he immediately retreated back.

Then the shooter teammate was caught and killed.

Song Jinxi gave a “wow” and looked at him.

“You sell your teammates, Shen Liuchen!”

“He didn’t observe the enemy’s position himself.

He deserved to die.” Shen Liuchen’s tone was still very indifferent.

Song Jinxi pointed at the game screen and said: “That teammate must be scolding you now.

Do you believe it”

After she finished speaking, she reached out and canceled the setting of blocking her teammates’ messages.

Then she saw that the dead teammate just sent a message, sincerely admitted her mistake and said she would never be greedy again.

Song Jinxi: “…”

Then the teammate sent another message again.

She directly pointed out the name of the dwarf hero Song Jinxi was playing, and said: “I won’t swear at people casually again in the future.

After we finish playing the game, can you add me as a friend and guide me, Little Brother”

Song Jinxi: “……”

This differential treatment…

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That teammate is still saying things like ‘can still continue to play games with him’, ‘will give Little Brother muach’ and so on.

Song Jinxi snatched the mobile phone from Shen Liuchen’s hand and replied: “I am sorry.

My husband was helping me just now.

Isn’t he particularly powerful”

Unexpectedly, the teammate was silent only for a while and then she directly opened the voice chat.

Song Jinxi didn’t turn on the microphone, but she didn’t turn off the voice either so she could still hear that teammate’s voice.

What surprised her was, no matter how angry that teammate was, she didn’t turn on the mic but just typed to scold her.

And now, she turned on the voice chat directly instead.

A charming voice came from the mobile phone.

“Is the Little Brother still there Is it the Little Brother who played the game Was it your wife who typed just now Little Brother, Little Brother, do you want to play games together I can muach and even act cute.

Little Brother, guide me to play in the game, okay I am cuter than your wife, and more obedient than your wife.”

Song Jinxi almost died of anger.

She had never seen such a person who seduced a man in front of his wife.

This woman is really shameless.

Song Jinxi also turned on the microphone: “My voice is a hundred times better than your voice.

I can muach and I can also act cute.

Who do you think you are Garbage.”

The girl was silent for a moment and then said again: “Little Brother, Little Brother, I am 36D.”

Song Jinxi silently glanced at her own chest…

It’s over.

She’s just a weak chicken B cup.

What to do Completely knocked down by the comparison just now.


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