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Song Jinxi paused and looked up very slowly.

The man’s beautiful phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and the deep eyes seemed to be shrouded in a layer of fog, giving people a feeling of being somewhat bewitched.

He looked at her quietly for a long time and saw Song Jinxi silently withdraw her paws and picked up her mobile phone to cover up her embarrassment.

“Come here.” The man’s voice is no longer as clear and mellow as before, but somewhat hoarse.

When Song Jinxi’s ears heard it, she felt that it was so sexy beyond words.

Song Jinxi did not move at all so Shen Liuchen stretched out his hand and put her into his arms and sat her in his embrace.

Song Jinxi whined and buried her head in his chest like an ostrich, clutching his clothes tightly with one hand.

Shen Liuchen’s deep laughter sounded above her head.

He gently held the back of Song Jinxi’s head in his hand, lowered his head and dropped a delicate kiss on the top of her head and beside her ear.

She can clearly feel his cherishing and love in every kiss.

“We are already adults, but you are still so shy” He asked in a low voice as he kissed her.

That’s right…

They are already adults.

Song Jinxi sighed at the bottom of her heart.

He can still show an expression to her that is neither blushing or having his heart beating faster even when he flirt with her like this.

It is really too shameful!

She is a pure old woman who has never been in love.

For all her life, this is really the first time for her to see such a scene, okay

It’s strange if she is not shy.

She simply threw her mobile phone on the sofa and her index finger boredly drew circles on the back of the sofa behind him.

The sofa cover with white and brown stitching patterns has light velvet on it.

There will be traces if one scratches it by hand.

In addition to drawing circles, she also draws various patterns, just to divert her attention.

As she was scribbling, she smashes the broken jar and plays rogue: “I… I haven’t had a lot of experiences before.”

Shen Liuchen chuckled, and the way he kissed her became more and more lingering.

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Although he is emotional, he has always maintained his rationality and knows that he still can’t do it now.

Her motives are still unclear.

But no matter how rational he was, he couldn’t hold himself back when his beloved woman kept being restless in his arms.

Originally, as long as she sat next to him, it was already a disturbance to him, but she had to sit in his embrace and still keep moving around there.

Shen Liuchen’s breathing gradually became heavier.

He seems to be…

A little out of control.

Originally, Song Jinxi sat on his lap, but Shen Liuchen deliberately kept the distance between the two of them, and didn’t want her to directly face him who was out of control.

However, the way she deliberately set fire now is really somewhat asking to be tidied up.

Shen Liuchen clasped her waist and made her closer to himself.

The safety distance was reduced to almost nothing.

Song Jinxi can easily feel the change of his body.

She paused for a moment, and before she had time to speak, Shen Liuchen whispered in her ear: “Didn’t the teacher teach you when you were still a child It’s easy to set yourself on fire if you play with fire, Xixi.”

After speaking, he took a gentle bite on her earlobe and put her directly on the sofa.

It looked like he was going to get up and leave.

It turns out that he just let her go so easily.

It is completely different from the development direction she envisioned before.

Song Jinxi was reluctant, and even subconsciously jumped up and hugged him, preventing him from leaving.

“Don’t go!” She said.

In fact, she doesn’t know why she refused to let him go either.

Thinking about it seriously, she actually is not ready yet.

The action of the courageous body is faster than the thought.

She hasn’t figured it out yet but her body has already acted on its own.

It was her body that moved first.

She’s sure about this one.

She hugged his waist tightly, with a stubborn attitude, arrogant and cute, and a little rascal.

Shen Liuchen looked down at her and the danger in his eyes was so obvious.

He narrowed his eyes, “Still don’t let go”

Song Jinxi shook her head: “Won’t let go!”

In fact, all kinds of barrages pop up crazily inside her mind.

That’s not it.

She is not ready at all…

But the body has its own consciousness.

In fact, she is not that hungry…

As long as she thinks that the male god is already twenty-seven now, and he is still a pure old virgin, he may be laughed at by others if this is spread out.


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