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Besides, he’s obviously moved now, but he refused to touch her.

Is there still a psychological shadow

If he has a psychological shadow…

Could it be that this psychological shadow has reached a certain level, so even if he has a reaction now, he would rather endure it and refuse to touch her He is not afraid of suffocating himself, but she can’t watch his hardship.

And, having said that, isn’t she his sweetheart How serious must it be that he even chose not to touch her

Or does he want to be vegetarian for the rest of his life

Anyway, all kinds of barrages filled her mind and thinking, making her reluctant to let go easily.

Shen Liuchen sat back.

He sat back boldly and resolutely on the sofa, and ‘that place’ was still obvious.

Song Jinxi looked at it quietly and felt as if… yeah… it was a bit impressive…

Shen Liuchen saw her glancing at himself and then she looked away again pretending as if she saw nothing.

His eyes, which were originally full of desire, flashed with a smile in it.

Song Jinxi sat side by side with him on the sofa.

He took Song Jinxi’s hand and looked at her fingers one by one first before playing with it.

“Let’s play a game” He whispered.

Song Jinxi: “Huh… Okay… What game”

“A game you played in your second year of high school.” He said so and his voice is getting deeper and deeper.


What game…

Song Jinxi feels a little confused.

Did she play any games with Shen Liuchen when she was in the second year of high school

The morning breeze gently blew up the light and thin curtains.

The sunlight occasionally hits the smooth and bright ground through the gap of the curtains, and the reflected dim light just shines on Song Jinxi.

Her eyes flashed and her heart fluctuated.

Shen Liuchen’s deep laughter sounded in her ears.

He took her hand again and kissed her on the edge of her lips, clasped her waist hard to make her closer to himself, and whispered in her ear in a very low voice: “At that time, to let me know what ‘obscene’ is, you took advantage of it conveniently and lay your hands on me.

Have you forgotten about it”

Song Jinxi: “…” She opened her mouth but couldn’t refute it.

Although she had a good intention at the beginning, she did not restrain herself from eating his tofu fiercely either.

At that time, she thought that he didn’t know anything anyway.

Even if he understood the things between men and women in the future, he should not remember that little episode either.

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Unexpectedly, what should come would always come.

It had been so long but he still remembers it.

Not only remember, but also turn over old accounts.

“Do you want to do a more in-depth demonstration today” Shen Liuchen asked in a low voice, with both temptation and bewitchment in his voice.

Song Jinxi’s fingers couldn’t help but tremble.

Song Jinxi hesitated: “In-depth demonstration… I seem to have demonstrated it very clearly at that time, so I think there’s no need for it anymore…”

“It’s needed.” He glanced at her lightly, his voice was indifferent as he took Song Jinxi’s hand.

Song Jinxi took a quick glance, guessed his intentions, and hurriedly pulled her hand back.

Nervous, but excited.

And also a little bold.

She can’t take it.

Shen Liuchen laughed in a low voice, but the voice sounded like flirting in Song Jinxi’s ear.

He said: “But you won’t let me go.”

Song Jinxi covered her face with one hand.

“Are you refusing or welcoming Xixi” Shen Liuchen gently bit her earlobe.

Seeing Song Jinxi shivering coldly, there was a hint of interest at the bottom of his eyes and he gently blew his breath into her earlobe.

Sure enough, her movements became more obvious.

He took her hand and let it stay at that place again, then said in a hoarse voice: “I’m really so f*cking wants to eat this set of yours.

What should I do”

This voice is too!!! Foul!!!!!

Song Jinxi felt a little soft all over.

She, who had never flirted with a man, knew for the first time what it was like to be flirted with words and ambiguous actions.

The man’s deep voice made her whole body go soft, and she even somewhat can’t help but slightly tremble uncontrollably.

Especially, the man beside her is someone she deeply likes.


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