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She knew clearly in her heart that if Shen Liuchen wanted to do something to her now, she would not resist at all.

Even if there is a little resistance, it is really ’refusing but welcoming’.

It’s only for a little bit of fun and he will be completely free to do whatever he wants after that.

Her mind was full of paste and she is not very sober.

After a while, she didn’t know what her hand touched, because it felt cool.

Song Jinxi glanced quietly.

It was his belt buckle.

Shen Liuchen is still whispering to her in a low voice to seduce her:

“Be obedient, Xixi.

Help me untie it.”

Song Jinxi blushed, but somewhat doesn’t know where to start.

The belts she used to wear were of the pin buckle type, but most men’s belts were plate buckles or smooth buckles.

She touched it and looked at Shen Liuchen for help.

Shen Liuchen smiled slightly and held her hand.

“Press here.” He said.

Song Jinxi pressed it, and sure enough, she heard a slight ‘click’ sound, and the belt buckle was untied.

“Good girl.”

Shen Liuchen kissed her cheek rewardingly.

He looked at her from such a close distance and his eyes seemed to have substance.

Song Jinxi lowered her head down and felt that her face was burning hot.

She told herself in the bottom of her heart that this is the life that adults should have.

But no matter what, this is the first time she has experienced this, and she feels embarrassed.

It seemed that it was difficult to take the first step and she could only be led forward by him bit by bit…

While also feeling indignant in her heart about why Shen Liuchen is so natural, as if he is not unfamiliar at all with this kind of thing.

If she wasn’t sure that he has never had a woman before, she would even think that he was an experienced lover.

Is this the difference between men and women

Her face blushed because of shame and anger.

Shen Liuchen loved the blush of her little face so much, and his gaze became thicker.

He kissed the tip of her nose, kissed her eyes and kissed the corners of her mouth, but he didn’t touch her lips.

“Do you still remember that when we were in our second year of high school, in addition to showing me what ‘obscene’ was, you also read a strange biology book in class”

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Song Jinxi: “…” What kind of old account is this again

“At that time, you seemed to be very interested in the body structure of men and women”

Song Jinxi: “No… no.”

Shen Liuchen: “Huh”

“In fact, I actually, only want to introduce sexual knowledge to you, and then popularize what sexual assault is with you.

I want you to guard against Zhang Meigui.” Song Jinxi hesitated but still told the truth in the end.

Shen Liuchen’s eyes narrowed slightly.

As expected, it was almost similar to what he had guessed before.

He forced himself not to think about those unpleasant things, but still focused on her and led her to the next step.

“Then, I will let you observe closely today Also, I still remember the demonstration you did personally at that time.

Please go a step further today.” His low voice seemed to have some ridicule in it.

“Teacher Song”

Song Jinxi suddenly reacted.

She raised her head and slightly distanced herself from Shen Liuchen.

Then she looked at him, and saw him looking at her with encouraging eyes, as if waiting for her to take the initiative to put her hand in…

“No… No, wait a minute.” Song Jinxi pulled her hand back with difficulty.

Shen Liuchen’s movement was somewhat paused.

Then he opened a little distance and looked at her with a puzzled expression.

Song Jinxi was also looking at him seriously.

While she was looking at him, she suddenly felt very puzzled, and even a little wronged.

She is sure that he is in love with her now, but why…

She hesitated for a moment and finally summoned up the courage to ask: “I am here but why do you want me to use my hand instead”

Couldn’t she be more attractive than her hand

It seems that he often kisses the back of her hand.

At first, she thought he really loved her, so he often couldn’t control himself and liked to kiss her hand.

But now

What a grievance.

She couldn’t even compare to a hand.

Shen Liuchen didn’t understand her brain circuit at first, only seeing her getting more and more aggrieved.

She also looked at the hand that was being pulled by him with the expression of grievances, disgust and injustice.


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