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Jinjiting High School is located in Jinjiting Community.

It is built close to the mountain.

One can always hear birds chirping when one goes to school in the early morning.

The air is very fresh.

The area of the school is not very large.

The First Grade and the Second Grade are in the same teaching building.

The clock in the security room shows that it’s just seven o’clock, the students haven’t come yet, and the whole school is empty.

As usual, Shao Feipeng from the Class One of Second Grade in the High School walked across the gate of the school while dribbling a basketball in a fancy way.

He lives far away and has to take the bus for nearly an hour to get to school.

If he gets up a little late, he is likely to encounter the morning rush hour, when not only the cars will be crowded in the street, even the people were so crowded too inside the bus, and it is also likely for him to be late.

So, every day, he gets up very early.

At the same time, he has always been the first person in the class.

Since entering the High School till the first semester of the Second Grade, for more than a year, except for some classmates who came earlier than him due to temporary occurrence, he has always been the one who opened the door of the early morning class.

But there seems to be an occurrence again today.

He just climbed up the stairs and saw from a distance that the door of the class was open.

When he came closer, there was a person sitting in the class.

It’s a girl.

The girl originally propped her head with her hands with her back to the door, as if she was looking at the mountain outside the window.

Just looking at her black and shiny hair, coupled with her thin back, already gives people an unusually fresh and beautiful feeling.

As if she heard a sound from the door, she turned her head and saw him.

She showed a shallow smile.

“Hello.” She took the initiative to greet him.

The girl’s appearance is very sweet.

According to the current situation of Jinjiting High School, she can be regarded as the school flower.

He didn’t expect that when he walked into the class early in the morning, a beautiful girl like that of a school flower would say hello to him.

Shao Feipeng was a little embarrassed and said ‘hehe’ twice and scratched the back of his head.

“Hello.” He said shyly.

He went to his seat with the ball in his arms and put the school bag and the ball in place.

He couldn’t help looking at the girl again.

It seems that the girl just said hello to him out of politeness.

She didn’t mean to chat with him.

After greeting him, she turned to look out of the window again.

Shao Feipeng has some regrets in his heart.

Shao Feipeng looked around and found that the blackboard in front of the classroom had not been cleaned, so he walked forward to clean it.

The blackboard is clean now, and the girl is still looking out of the window.

Shao Feipeng thinks about it for a while, puts the blackboard eraser on the teacher’s desk and walks slowly towards her.

“Why are you in our class Who are you waiting for” Whatsmore, she is sitting next to Shen Liuchen’s seat, which makes Shao Feipeng feel a little curious.

Shen Liuchen has always sat alone.

From the First Grade to the Second Grade, the seat next to him is always empty.

The teacher arranged for a student to sit at the same table with him, but he refused.

It was heard that he said he wanted to study hard by himself and focused his mind just to study.

Because his performance has always been among the best, the teacher left him alone for fear that he would be upset and it will affect his grades.

In the school days, good grades are the King, so the good students always get the preferential treatment.

Shao Feipeng and others have nothing to say about it.

Anyway, none of them wanted to sit at the same table with Shen Liuchen.

There is such an old-fashioned deskmate who can’t even whisper in class.

If they were a little bit cheerful, maybe they will even receive a cold glance from him.

Shen Liuchen has always been indifferent and seldom communicates with his classmates.

Even if he is handsome and is named the school grass by the girls in their school, no one dares to sit beside him without his consent.

Shao Feipeng knows that more than half of the girls in his class want to be Shen Liuchen’s deskmate.


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