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She didn’t dare to tell the guesses that the system had told her before, and she didn’t dare to question him directly either about why he still wanted to develop that kind of thing since she already came back.

What if he asked her how she learned of his thoughts, how would she answer

What if he says that the development of this medicine has nothing to do with her What would she say then

“What’s the advantage for you to develop something that can harm the society and even the whole world at any time If one day, this thing accidentally affects me…” Song Jinxi tried to fix her sitting posture in his arms, grabbed his hand and put it in front of her chest, “Shen Liuchen, if that medicine can really turn people into zombies, if one day I am bitten on the road, what should we do then”

Shen Liuchen was silent.

He really didn’t think about that.

Before, he only wanted to drag the whole world into hell.

He never thought that after she appeared, if that thing really affected her…

At that time, he will definitely want to kill himself.

But he also felt that once the medicine is developed, it could be regarded as his move.

This is a chess piece that can be used to threaten Song Jinxi to stay with him forever.

Because, once he has this medicine in his hand, Song Jinxi will definitely stay by his side in order to prevent him from taking it out.

If he really listens to Song Jinxi’s words and stops developing the medicine, then she can just walk away without any worry at all.

But now that she is so concerned about it, she may get angry if he doesn’t agree to her.

He couldn’t bear to see her get angry.

He can’t lie to her either.

Before, he lied and cheated her to tell the truth, forcing her to admit her identity.

It was already a helpless move.

There are no impervious walls in the world, and there are hardly any lies that will never be exposed.

If he keeps lying and lying to her, it will cause irreparable scratches on their relationship once the incident breaks out.

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He doesn’t want to see this kind of ending.

He thought for a moment and said: “The R&D Department has already developed the first batch of medicines.

Now, besides me, many other forces have also targeted this R&D’s achievement.

It’s just that I started earlier.”

“If I stop developing that medicine now and fire the two scientists, then there is a good chance that they will be looked after by other forces.

Once this happens, the development of things will really be completely out of control.” He explained patiently.

This is not to deceive Song Jinxi, but it is indeed the case.

Song Jinxi frowned slightly and couldn’t quite understand it.

“Is there anyone else who wants to get this biochemical medicine” And why

She couldn’t figure it out.

Shen Liuchen said: “People’s desires are endless, Xixi.”

“But what’s the benefit of developing this kind of medicine” Song Jinxi didn’t understand, “It will turn people into zombies and at that time when it happens, it will endanger the entire human society, right Is there anyone who can profit from it”

Shen Liuchen played with her fingers and remained silent for a while.

Song Jinxi continued to ask: “They invested money to support the research, turning human society into hell, and that kind of virus is also uncontrollable.

At that time, even themselves may be backlashed too.

Why should they invest money to study such things that harm others, do not benefit themselves and may harm themselves instead”

“If those who are interested in these things get it, they will definitely have their own use, and outsiders generally have no way to guess it.” Shen Liuchen said, and assured her: “I promise you, after this thing is developed, I will let it be locked forever in the safe.”

Song Jinxi thought about it carefully, but still felt it was inappropriate.

“As long as you stay with me and never leave again, it will never be published.

Is that feasible” He said, seriously looking at her expression.


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