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Even a saint can’t bear to ‘force kiss’ their loved one who already threw themselves into their arms.

But her strength was really a little heavy.

If it was a little bit heavier again, she might break his lips already.

The corners of Shen Liuchen’s mouth were hooked as he said softly with the utmost tenderness: “Be more gentler, baby.”

This ‘baby’ brought the trace of lingering.

It is so gentle and pleasant to hear that Song Jinxi’s ears are so itchy.

She stepped back a little, whispered “Sorry”, secretly took a deep breath to cheer herself up, and then moved closer again.

Thinking back to yesterday’s kiss, she tried to start sucking his lips gently.

The thin lips are so soft, with a slight cool touch on it.

She just sucked at it gently, and when she couldn’t hold on anymore, she licked it for a while.

Just like eating jelly…

There seems to be some sweet taste, which reminds her of the bowl of sweet porridge this morning.

She kisses and kisses, and involuntarily takes his lips as jelly.

She ate with relish, but she didn’t know that the man’s gaze became deeper and deeper.

She didn’t know when Shen Liuchen turned from passive into active.

When her consciousness returned a little, she was already pressed on the sofa by Shen Liuchen.

Shen Liuchen’s kiss was deeper and more ferocious than the last time.

His dexterous tongue swept across her mouth, and then aroused her tongue to entangle with him, plundering her breath and even her soul…

Her brain was deprived of oxygen, and her mind went blank.

She could only subconsciously grasp his collar tightly, so as not to be completely lost in this deep kiss.

When Shen Liuchen let go of her, her clothes were a little messy.

While the man was kissing her, his hands were not idle, and he messed around all over her body.

She didn’t know where he got so many tricks from.

It seemed that he was a little rusty at the beginning, and then afterwards, his movements became very skilled.

But there’s one thing to be mentioned about.

That is, she actually likes this kind of feeling so much…

It felt as if her soul was about to be lost in his hands.

She even forgot her fear and wanted him to go deeper, but Shen Liuchen let go of her instead.

Song Jinxi came back to her senses and looked at him suspiciously.

Shen Liuchen had forcibly restrained himself and stopped, but at this moment, seeing her suspicious and somewhat dissatisfied look, he almost collapsed.

He directly stretched out his hand to cover Song Jinxi’s eyes, backed away a little, then sat on the sofa and helped her up.

But Song Jinxi still didn’t want to give up and asked him: “Why did you stop”

Seeing that he didn’t respond, she pulled down his hand instead and looked at him with doubtful and questioning eyes.

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“Shen Liuchen, are you a man!”

Seeing her anger, Shen Liuchen almost laughed.

He gave her a deep, deep, deep look and left a sentence: “Wait for me.”

He went out of the door with his mobile phone in his hand.

Song Jinxi didn’t know why.

After sitting on the sofa and waiting for a while, he came back again.

The man walked to the sofa in silence, lifted Song Jinxi from the sofa, carried her to the bedroom in the posture of holding a child, and laid her down on the bed.

And start to unbutton the clothes.

Song Jinxi was nervous and curious.

Her eyes couldn’t stop being attracted to the scene in front of his chest and abdomen.

To paraphrase Shen Liuchen’s words just now, she thinks that the way a man takes off their clothes is really damn sexy.

She was ready to devote herself, but she was a little nervous when she saw Shen Liuchen’s seriousness.

In order to ease the tension, she opened her mouth and asked in a trembling voice: “What were you doing just now”

Shen Liuchen took out a box of things from his trousers and threw it on the bed.

Song Jinxi took it over and took a look, and immediately…

She quit.

She picked up the box of condoms and threw it at the door.

She threw it so hard that the condom was smashed against the door with a soft sound.

She folded her arms and looked at Shen Liuchen angrily: “I’m already twenty-five, Shen Liuchen! But you even deliberately bought this thing for contraception.

Do you want me to be an advanced mother in the future”

“I don’t care.

I have to sleep with you today no matter what, and I also have to have a child too.”


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