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Compared with her tough attitude, Shen Liuchen seemed much calmer.

“You want to have a baby so much” He asked without changing his voice or expression.

Hearing his seemingly indifferent voice, Song Jinxi showed a somewhat hesitant look.

She felt that Shen Liuchen was angry, but she didn’t know what made him angry.

“Then why are you so resistant to having a baby” She asked back, “A child is the crystallization of our love and the proof of our love.

Do you think I only want to give birth to a child, no matter who my partner is Isn’t it all because that person is you, that I am doing all of this”

Shen Liuchen was silent.

“Even if you are worried that the child may compete with you after the child is born, when the child grows up, the child will find a soulmate to stay by the side.

You are the only one who will always be with me, and you are the only one I love most.

What are you being jealous of”

Shen Liuchen remained silent.

“Really, you have to trust me.

If it’s not because I like you, why would I want to have a child with you” She tried to find reasons from various angles, hoping to convince him: “Do you think giving birth doesn’t hurt For a woman, giving birth to a baby is like stepping one foot——”

Halfway through the words, she suddenly stopped talking.

What she wants to say is that a woman giving birth to a child is equivalent to stepping one foot into the gate of hell.

There have been many women who died in the delivery room throughout the ages.

Even though this is the case, she still wanted to give him two children, enough to prove her love for him.

However, halfway through her speech, she suddenly remembered that the word ‘death’ was too heavy for Shen Liuchen, and it seems that it can’t be mentioned at all.

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Shen Liuchen obviously refused to let go of this assumption.

“Stepping one foot to” He narrowed his eyes and asked, “Stepping one foot into the gate of hell”

Song Jinxi felt that she had lifted a stone and hit herself in the foot.

She thought for a while and began to find reasons: “Well, actually, it’s really dangerous to give birth to a baby, but now the medicine is already so advanced and isn’t there still a cesarean section In case if we have bad luck or difficulty in labor, we can also choose a cesarean section!”

“What’s more, I have confidence in my own body.

I think I can give birth to my child smoothly and give you a healthy and beautiful baby.” When she finished, she suddenly thought of another possibility and looked at Shen Liuchen with bright eyes: “Let me tell you something.

My grandmother’s line seems to have a lot of twins.

The daughters of my two uncles have given birth to twins too.

Maybe I can give you a pair of dragon and phoenix twins!”

After she finished speaking, she crawled from the head of the bed to the end of the bed with her hands and feet, and then sat on the bed looking up at Shen Liuchen.

She reached out and grabbed his hand hanging by his side and shaking it gently.

“Moreover, let’s not think too much for now.

It’s still not certain when I will get pregnant.

This kind of thing depends on luck.” She smiled at him, “Let’s just let the flow take its course, okay”

Seeing her take the initiative to show her favor, Shen Liuchen also softened his tone:

“I’m not ready yet.”

He said while gently lifting the broken hair on her forehead aside.

“We just met again and I haven’t really enjoyed my time together with you… I’ve been waiting for you for 13 years, Xixi.

Don’t you feel sorry for me”

Song Jinxi’s expression froze slightly.

… It indeed seems so.

So,she was silent again.

She didn’t know that Shen Liuchen’s mood had actually reached a critical point.

If she was not persuaded this time, but always insisted on having a child with him immediately instead no matter how he persuaded her, then, he would think that ‘giving birth’ was indeed one of her tasks this time.


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