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Once, there was a girl sitting at his seat while he was away.

Unfortunately, he came back before she had sat long enough on the chair.

Shao Feipeng watched as the girl was frightened away by his stern face that did not speak anything at all and he cursed him inwardly for being an old single dog.

Complained about him wasting such a handsome face, that he was so blind he could not get away from being single in his life.

Now this beauty is sitting here, he doesn’t know whether it is unintentional or intentional.

Song Jinxi pointed to the brand new books in the desk drawer, “I was transferred in, and we will be classmates in the future.”

“Transferred…” Shao Feipeng’s heart was overjoyed as he smiled with ‘HeHe’ twice.

Thinking of her sitting next to Shen Liuchen instead of looking for another seat, he couldn’t help but become curious and asked, “When did you do the transfer procedure Why didn’t we get any news last week and today you just come here all of a sudden Is the Head Teacher here so early today “

“I went through the transfer procedures last week,” Song Jinxi answered his questions one by one.

“Because there was something at home, I specifically asked the Head Teacher to come and familiarize me with the environment last Saturday.

I also picked up the books by the way.

I came here directly this morning.

Shao Feipeng gave a “Oh”, pointed to Shen Liuchen’s seat and asked, “Then, are you sitting here Is it arranged by the teacher “

Song Jinxi pondered for a long time and nodded.

Shao Feipeng also saw her hesitation and explained: “You just came to our class so you may not know, the person sitting next to you is called Shen Liuchen.

He never had a deskmate from the first year to the second year of high school.

It seems that he does not like to communicate with people.

If you sit next to him, he may not be happy.

The teacher may have to change your seat then.

“But the teacher said that there were 43 people in the class, and all the other students already had a deskmate, but he didn’t.

So I wanted to sit with him.” Song Jinxi said sincerely.

Shao Feipeng’s eyes flashed with a trace of annoyance, and he suddenly wanted to kick his own deskmate to a foreign country.

He scratched the back of his head again and said with a smile: “My name is Shao Feipeng, Feipeng as in flying (Fei) roc (da Peng), and you”

“Song Jinxi, Jin as in beautiful brocade (Jin xiu), Xi as in things (dong Xi).”

Shao Feipeng stood in the same place and did not want to go.

He looked for a topic and said: “When Shen Liuchen comes, if he doesn’t let you sit here, you can go to discuss with the teacher and move the table to another place.”

After he finished speaking, he pointed to his seat.

He sat in the row against the wall of the corridor.

“There’s just a seat at the back of our row.

You can sit behind me.”

The classmate is so enthusiastic so Song Jinxi just smiled as a response, but in the bottom of her heart, she thought, if the male god dared to dislike her, she would haunt him until he didn’t dislike her anymore.

She has experience with this.

After all, a few hours ago… No, it should be said that it was eight years ago.

After all, she had experienced it eight years ago.

But if she thinks about it, there are still some hidden dangers.

After all, the male god is now 15 years old, and the whole person’s mind has matured a lot.

He will no longer be entangled by her as he was when he was still a child, which in the end accepted her approach.

If he really refuses to be at the same table with her…

She really has to figure out a solution to this problem.

The student named Shao Feipeng in front of her seemed overly enthusiastic.

Like the male classmates and male colleagues she had been in contact with.

Song Jinxi sighed narcissistically in the bottom of her heart.

It is somehow harmful to be too beautiful.

In the two times she had transmigrated into the novel world, the body she used was fabricated by the system based on her realistic body.

She has been good-looking since she was a child.

So when she was in the body of a child, she could persuade the public police officer Fang Yuming by selling her cuteness.

Now she can easily win the favor of this male student in front of her by virtue of her beautiful appearance too.


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