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Song Jinxi’s walking pace was originally not fast.

In addition, she ate too much and her feet also hurt a little, so her walking speed was even slower.

In the past, when she was still in the real world, there were few girls in her company, and she was the only girl in her group, so every time she always eat with the male colleagues in her group.

But every time she returned to the company after lunch, she would be left behind by her colleagues because of her slow pace.

It just so happens that she is not the kind of person who likes to be lively.

When they walk fast, she walks slowly, digesting food and enjoying the various scenery along the road, and she feels more comfortable this way.

Now, her pace is so slow, but Shen Liuchen has always been accommodating her and maintained the same speed as her.

It seems that since she was with Shen Liuchen, there are always many things that can make her compare with her original world.

With Shen Liuchen by the side, life is as beautiful as an unreal dream.

She thought about it, and quietly pinched the flesh on her waist——

It hurts a little.

This is real.

She was in a good mood, so she couldn’t help but gently swayed the hand that was intertwined with Shen Liuchen, and walked forward slowly while humming a little song.

After walking for a while, she said she was going to sit on the swing, and Shen Liuchen accompanied her.

To have a person silently standing by your side no matter what you do, is really such a great feeling.

Song Jinxi couldn’t even hold back a smirk.

Shen Liuchen stood aside and looked at the surrounding environment.

Today is a working day.

Everyone may still be at work and there are not many people in the community.

He looked at the direction of the bodyguard and made sure that he had been following them in a distance that is neither far nor near, and felt more relieved with it.

When he turned around, seeing Song Jinxi smiling like a silly girl from a landlord’s house, he couldn’t hold back for a while, took out his mobile phone and secretly took a photo.

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Then set it as a lock screen image.

Song Jinxi didn’t know that her silly appearance had been recorded.

She sat on the swing and blew the wind for a while, then she strongly pulled Shen Liuchen to sit on the swing with her.

She leaned against his arm and began to chat with him on various topics.

After chatting for a while, the topic unknowingly turned to astronomy and geography.

“I wondered if the level of human science and technology can reach the level of detecting black holes in this lifetime of mine…” Song Jinxi said aimlessly, “I really want to know what the other side of the black hole is.

I wonder if there is another space and time out there.

Some people speculate that if a person can pass through the black hole intact, the person will enter a space higher than the four-dimensional space and can also pass through space and time…”

Shen Liuchen’s expression moved slightly.

“Do you think there are aliens in the universe” He followed her words and asked indifferently.

“Aliens” Song Jinxi wrinkled her small nose and thought, “I think so”

The doubt in her tone made Shen Liuchen look slightly moved.

“The universe is so big that not only the earth has evolved civilization, but I think there are also other civilizations out there…” Song Jinxi said.

“But my expectation of aliens is not high, because it’s not that all creatures of higher civilization evolved from apes.”

“They may look strange, and even for human’s aesthetics, there may be aliens who look terrible or even disgusting.”

“… Anyway, it’s an appearance that humans can’t accept for a while.”

“Now, many science fiction works always naively imagine all aliens as the same shape as us.

Even if they are different, they can change into what we are now.

Two eyes, one nose and one mouth…”

“These, I think, are too idealistic.”

She was only interested in expressing her own long speech and did not see Shen Liuchen’s thoughtful expression.


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