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No matter where she came from, it is undeniable that her appearance did bring the only ray of light to his gloomy life.

Saved him from the endless darkness.

The two held hands, and the mottled shadow of the tree hit them.

Looking from a distance, it looked like a beautiful freehand painting.

The atmosphere is very warm.

It’s just that they were halfway there, they were suddenly caught off guard.

One is the mother of the bear child yesterday, and the other looks like the father of the bear child.

They were originally standing on one side, as if they were arguing about something.

Later, the bear child’s mother saw Song Jinxi and the others, and tugged at the person who was suspected to be the bear child’s father, and then the two hurried over to them together.

The man looked to be in his thirties, and his figure was a little fat.

When he saw Shen Liuchen, he couldn’t stop nodding, bowing and apologizing: “President, I’m Liu Zhihui of Jinyu Food Company.

When you came to Jinyu Food Company for inspection at the end of last year, I was the one who received you.

I don’t know if you still remember me.”

Shen Liuchen didn’t want to talk to him, “Get out of the way.”

Liu Zhihui was sweating behind his back, but he refused to leave just like that.

He squatted here for a long time before he finally met Shen Liuchen.

If he doesn’t take this opportunity to ask for his forgiveness, he will really have to get out of X City or even F Province.

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He continued to apologize: “Yesterday, this stinky woman from my family didn’t know the great weight.

She accidentally bumped into Madam and even hurt Madam.

I am really sorry.”

When the woman heard him say that, she seemed dissatisfied with his use of the adjective ‘stinky woman’, and pinched him.

But she also followed him and apologized, and she said it to Song Jinxi.

“Madam, you haven’t become a mother.

You may not know that a child is a mother’s life.” The bear child’s mother smiled, but in fact, her eyes seemed to be filled with poison, and her gaze couldn’t help but keep floating to Shen Liuchen’s body.

Song Jinxi couldn’t help taking a step forward and wanted to block Shen Liuchen behind her.

She always felt that this person was jealous of her having such a handsome, rich and powerful husband.

At least better than her husband.

Shen Liuchen noticed her small movements.

He frowned and pulled her directly behind him.

The bear child’s mother watched their little movements, and the smile on her face froze, but she continued to say: “I saw him fall down and got angry because of my anxiousness at that time, so please forgive me if I offended you.

I will hang the stinky boy and beat him when I go home later.

Do you think it’s ok”

“I don’t think so.” Song Jinxi said.

This morning, Shen Liuchen even wanted to kill their family of three.

If she hadn’t tried every possible way to persuade him, and it even made her blow up her own identity, the three of them might have died long ago.

Where would they still have a chance to sell their misery here

Besides, didn’t Shen Liuchen say they would leave X City Why do they still dare to appear in front of him now

Do they think they have lived too long

Song Jinxi felt that her answer was a bit pertinent.

After all, she was not the kind of person who said she didn’t mind it but actually minded it very much at the bottom of her heart.

The bear child’s mother heard her say so and directly blew up.

She put one hand on her hip and pointed the other to Song Jinxi.

It’s just that she just stretched out her hand, but was immediately frightened by Shen Liuchen’s gaze.

Maybe she remembered the kick that Shen Liuchen gave her yesterday.

Her body was still aching until now.

She withdrew her hand and looked at Song Jinxi with reproachful eyes: “Why are you so aggressive as a woman You can’t bully us ordinary people just because you are good looking and are the wife of a President, right”


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