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Before her voice fell, and before Song Jinxi and Shen Liuchen could speak, Liu Zhihui pushed her hard.

“You stinky old woman, what are you talking about What tone did you use to talk to the President’s wife” Liu Zhihui said.

“What’s wrong with my tone Is my tone not good” The bear child’s mother quarreled directly with him.

“I apologized to her in a good manner but she completely ignored me and still said something like ‘I don’t think so’.”

As she spoke, she made an arrogant appearance, as if she were reproducing the scene.

Song Jinxi looked innocent.

She just said these four words calmly.

It’s not at all like what she imitated, okay

She thinks this woman is poisonous.

With a mother like this, it’s no wonder that little bear child became like that.

The bear child’s mother still said: “Isn’t it just because of having those stinky money that they fiercely bullied us like this Little Gang is your son.

You don’t care about him but can I not care about him a little bit more as a mother He wasn’t brought up by you anyway.”

After speaking, she did not forget to roll her white eyes at Song Jinxi.

Liu Zhihui said: “You forgot everything I just told you, didn’t you If I didn’t have a good job, how would I be able to support you and our son financially, and live in such a high-end community Even hired a nanny for you”

Shen Liuchen frowned slightly, and was a little irritated by their quarrel.

He led Song Jinxi and planned to bypass them and leave directly, but Liu Zhihui hurriedly blocked in front of them.

“President, this stinky woman from my family is ignorant.

She doesn’t have much insight.”

Before he finished speaking, he was frightened by Shen Liuchen’s sharp and impatient eyes, and suddenly dared not speak again.

He even somewhat want to leave directly.

The bear child’s mother came over again, raised her chin and said: “If you have to fire my husband, it’s okay, but you must compensate us.

I know the labor law.

The law says that if you fire an employee, you must pay him a year’s salary.

My husband’s monthly salary is more than 20,000 yuan a month, so you must pay us 240,000 yuan, or I will go to the labor bureau and sue you.”

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Liu Zhihui broke out in cold sweat, and hurriedly grabbed the bear child’s mother.

“Shut up!”

“Why do you tell me to shut up Can’t you see that I am negotiating for you”

The bear child’s mother didn’t know the reason why Shen Liuchen fired the bear child’s father, but the bear child’s father himself knew it.

Because he secretly embezzled public funds.

It’s just that he did it very secretly.

He is the General Manager of Jinyu Food Company.

Only he and his mistress in the financial department know about this matter.

In addition, the amount of embezzlement is not large every time.

After the embezzlement, he will collude with his mistress to make false data, so no one has come to investigate him at all.

Every time someone from the group company came to check the accounts, he would also make preparations.

It’s not until now, when Shen Liuchen is about to fire him, that this information was revealed.

Shen Liuchen also took this opportunity to clean up the entire group.

Therefore, it’s not only their family that lost their jobs this time, but also several other dishonest leaders.

Although those leaders are quite capable, since they used their power to do things they shouldn’t do, those who should be fired were still fired.

A company with good employee welfare has never been afraid of not being able to recruit excellent talents.

Therefore, Shen Liuchen did not hesitate at all when ordering the dismissal of these people.

Liu Zhihui also knew this.

In addition, he was also blocked by Shen Liuchen, and even the Shen family seemed to have the intention to block him… So he came to find Shen Liuchen to redeem himself.


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